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More efficiency for your security guard

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It is impossible to imagine the security industry without security guards. The versatile services of the companies from the area of guard and security service belong to the most demanded services of the branch. Because regular guarding and surveillance is indispensable to avert possible dangers and thus to maintain order on the premises to be guarded. It is precisely the flexible deployment options of the security staff that make security guarding so much in demand.


An important service

Security guards are used for security and property protection in the public and corporate sectors as well as in the private sector: they ensure that the imposed rules of security and order are observed at events. They go on night patrols to curb vandalism and theft on company premises. Also more and more private clients use the services of security guards to secure objects.

As you can see, the possibilities are almost endless. Each customer and each object are different and require individually tailored security measures. Keeping the necessary vision in the daily work is a challenge for all involved.

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Making everyday life in security guarding more efficient

One problem in the work of security guards can be winding, unclear areas. It usually requires a great deal of organizational effort to ensure adequate protection even in such objects. Complicated routes and time-consuming rounds are the result. In such cases, COREDINATE's tour monitoring tool provides a remedy. Both the employee on site and the supervisor in the portal can see how far the tour has been completed and which checkpoints are still missing. The round tour monitoring provides the necessary overview and helps you to achieve more structure during inspections - this saves time and nerves.

In addition, it is important that the work of the security guard is precisely documented and that the presence of the employees is verifiable. Especially when legal issues need to be clarified, complete documentation is indispensable. Forget about expensive special devices that your team has to carry around additionally; for checkpoint scans with COREDINATE, all you need is a smartphone (Android or iOS) with NFC function, which you can also use as a duty cell phone right away. All data is transferred to the portal in real time and is thus secured away. This eliminates the tedious collection and readout of handheld scanners - you can save that in the future.

During a security guard shift, there are also numerous important tasks that must be reliably completed in the interest of the client. If they are forgotten or not fully completed, you usually only find out after the end of the shift from the disgruntled customer. COREDINATE helps you to counteract this: You can create as many tasks as you like and even assign them to individual checkpoints. Our software reminds your security guard of tasks that are still due and requests feedback on them. Everything can be tracked by you in real time in the portal.


A software as flexible as its users

COREDINATE has much more to offer: Other useful functions, suitably tailored to your security guard and ensure greater efficiency. Save time and allow your employees to concentrate on the essentials of their work.


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