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Interview with Bülent Yilmaz, Safety Employee 2021 Part 2

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After this year's award ceremony for the Security Employee of the Year 2021 award, we talked again with the reigning winner Bülent Yilmaz about the award, the ceremony in Berlin and the mission behind the award.

Every year, the Security Employee of the Year campaign runs under the motto: A tradition of appreciation. How far do you think this contributes to improving circumstances in the security industry?

I think the Security Employee of the Year campaign is an important campaign to strengthen the understanding that the professions in the field of protection and security are one of the most important clues to a well-ordered life in our society. In this way, as security workers, we very much hope that the conditions of workers in this sector will improve and be followed by more qualified workers.

How did you feel about the award ceremony in Berlin?

There is a lot of work in the background of the whole event. You could also clearly see that the initiators approached the whole thing with seriousness.

My wife was also invited to the award ceremony for Security Employee of the Year 2021, which I was very pleased about. It is nice to see that organizations and companies like BVMS and COREDINATE are also very appreciative of the candidates' family. Our needs were met very courteously and the local institutions earned our respect.

During the award ceremony for Security Employee of the Year 2021, you could clearly read the joy from our eyes. The atmosphere was great. There were some representatives of different security companies present. After the award ceremony, people talked a lot and exchanged business cards. I was asked many questions, which I answered with pleasure.

At the end of the day, I would like to thank my supporters who nominated me for the Security Employee of the Year 2021 award. This experience is one of the most unforgettable moments of our lives for me and my wife.

How has the Security Employee of the Year 2021 award influenced your professional life?

I must confess that nothing has changed in my professional life. However, after my stay in Berlin and the award ceremony for Security Employee of the Year 2021, I received a company certificate from my employer Pond Security Service GmbH together with the traditional Pond Goldcoin. This was presented to me by our Area Manager Martin Merz.

I have been working for Pond Security Service GmbH for 19 years, also due to their contribution I received the award Security Employee of the Year 2021, which I am insanely proud of. My motivation has increased a lot because of this and I like to pass this on to my teammates who have always believed in me. We support each other, as before.

How far has the award changed your relationship with your profession?

The relationship with my profession has not changed as a result of the Security Employee of the Year 2021 award. I still go to work with a lot of joy. I love my job and enjoy being able to experience something new every day. Especially those who strongly supported me to get the award Security Employee of the Year were very proud and I was received with hugs and congratulations after the days in Berlin.

Since that day, I can clearly see that the people around me work with even higher motivation and like and appreciate their job as a security guard. The sight touches me very much and I know that I can always count on them.

What do you wish for your future as a security guard?

I very much wish that the importance of our work will be made known with very many more actions such as Security Guard of the Year and that the salaries of all workers in the security industry will be improved as soon as possible. Depending on the location and working environment, we are paid less than those who do very simple jobs.

I wish that all security workers throughout Germany, who also often put their lives on the line, would be allowed to work for a better wage and that this industry would thus develop into an industry in which qualified people work. For this reason, I would like to thank all the valuable institutions that do their work here, especially BVMS, COREDINATE and Wiley Verlag (initiators of the Security Employee of the Year award).





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