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How does Corona affect you as a safety employee?

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Since March 2020, the world has been in the throes of the Corona crisis. The tightening and restrictions on the part of the federal government vary again and again depending on the infection figures of the Robert Koch Institute and present both private individuals and companies with ever new and now old familiar challenges.

With the pandemic, new and perhaps previously unknown job opportunities arose for security employees in particular: entry controls. Security employees were increasingly deployed in stores to check the legal regulations on the maximum number of customers or to point out the mask requirement and distance regulations.

Difficult times for security staff

In the meantime, the atmosphere in several German states has demonstrably heated up. Time and again, there are disputes between customers and security staff, and some of these disputes also make viral waves. This naturally raises the question: Will the pandemic also bring something good?

This is admittedly a provocative formulation, but in fact the Corona crisis also has something positive in store for security employees. The new tightening and regulations have increased the need for trained personnel to enforce these regulations consistently and professionally. This means more and more companies are relying on the expertise of security companies to ensure compliance with Corona regulations and thus the protection of their employees and customers.


COREDINATE also uses the crisis as an opportunity

The online guard control system® COREDINATE has been able to help many companies with their digital transformation even before the Corona pandemic, and it also knows how to use the opportunities of the crisis for itself and its customers now. In a previous blog post, we highlighted for you ways to get through the crisis well. Read Part 1 of the two-parter, "Seizing the Opportunities of the Corona Crisis."

Even beyond useful tips, the COREDINATE team has been thinking about how we can actively support you as a security professional during the crisis. This resulted in the COREDINATE Visitor Counter, which has been available to our customers in the COREDINATE App for quite some time. This allows you to record exactly who enters and leaves a store. You don't need any additional equipment, such as an old-fashioned hand counter. As a security employee, you have your work cell phone with you anyway, and COREDINATE runs flawlessly and reliably on it in most cases.


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