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Success strategy: Getting through the cold well

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Together we are strong. It is important to COREDINATE to support you, the customers, friends and supporters in the current crisis with words and deeds. In a survey, our customers had the opportunity to give feedback on the current situation. The survey on the development of the Corona crisis gives a hopeful look into the future. The majority of COREDINATE customers have come through the crisis relatively well so far.


In response to the question: How do you assess the impact of the current crisis on the future development for your company

As of May 25, 2020, the participants gave the following answers: 52.4 % of the participants stated that they did not expect any effects on their current business operations. 14.3 % even stated that they would experience a positive impact on sales, while around 33.3 % expect a negative development (sales losses). In total, 66.7 % of the survey participants see no or even a positive effect of the crisis.


In response to the question: How does the Corona crisis affect your personnel planning?

85 % of respondents said they did not expect any negative impact on HR. Of these, 50 % indicated that no new employees are currently being hired, 25 % indicated that current employees will be retained, and 10 % require new employees. 15 % of question participants indicated that layoffs are inevitable. A clear majority of 85 % of participants indicated that there has been a lack of good informational resources on the Covid-19 virus. Fifteen percent of participants indicated that there was already sufficient expertise on the topic.


Education as a topic for the future

An important future topic after the crisis is education for employees and management of companies. Here, survey participants cited knowledge deficits in IT security topics in particular, as well as in the communicative handling of difficult clientele; de-escalation training was also included.


With strategy to success

There are many reasons why some companies are more crisis-proof than others, including good work performance and prudent commercial work.

One reason why COREDINATE customers come through the crisis so well is the strategic added value that COREDINATE offers its customers. A reliable IT infrastructure that helps to save costs, a simple pricing policy that offers planning reliability and a digital assistance system that is much more than a classic online workforce management system.

COREDINATE's OWKS® offers you the following advantages, among others:

  • real-time functions and real-time communication
  • secure NFC technology
  • simple & clear user interface
  • maintenance-free infrastructure
  • 99.9 % availability of data
  • highest data security (server location Germany)
  • GPS location tracking
  • Watch book and reporting
  • Central document processing
  • Device independence (Android and iOS)


Learn all about the unique and market-leading features here: https://www.coredinate.de/en/functions


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