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COREDINATE for security service Hamburg

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Why a security service in Hamburg uses COREDINATE

Especially in big cities like Hamburg a security service has a lot to do. Understandable, because there are more companies located there than in rural areas.


The consequence: more orders for object and plant security.

Not to be underestimated: The port of the Hanseatic city is an economic hub. Europe's third-largest container port is located in Hamburg; the security service responsible has to guard four container terminals.


Functions that no security service in Hamburg wants to do without

The growing infrastructure ensures that a security service in Hamburg is more frequently commissioned for construction site guarding. Especially when working on rough terrain, when your employees are on their own, COREDINATE's workplace security or dead man's alarm is a function that can reliably locate a casualty.

In cities with many inhabitants, events or demonstrations take place more often. The Reeperbahn Festival, which has been popular with musicians and visitors since 2006, is known throughout Europe and offers about 600 concerts spread over four days per year. From May to September, the Stadtpark Open Air also looks forward to many visitors. These are just two examples of events for which a security service in Hamburg is hired to protect visitors. Especially for such large events, you benefit from the GPS location tracking of our software.

Hamburg, Hansestadt, OWKS, Deutschland, Sicherheit, Stadt


Interesting for you and your team

Your team members have access to all the features they need to perform their work from one app. The basic feature is the checkpoint scan which can be easily performed from the app using an NFC-enabled smartphone. Alternatively, you can organize your tours with beacons or with GPS points.

Not only tour monitoring, but also other organizational aspects are served by COREDINATE, e.g. time recording or key management.

Furthermore, you are free to choose which smartphone or operating system you use. Because COREDINATE not only works on current Android devices, but also on your iPhone from version 5S (NFC function from iPhone 7) and iOS 11.
Including "customer acquisition function".

The use of COREDINATE is a statement for a security service. Digital and modern, the smart software supports customer retention or new customer acquisition. "Customers are very satisfied with the clarity of the evaluations of tours or control points." This is confirmed by Karsten Hanczak, operations manager at Hauschildt & Blunck, security service in Hamburg and COREDINATE reference customer.

If you have already made a name for yourself and can count on an extensive customer base, you need structure. Coordination of teams and individual orders is what counts. Support is provided by our software, which helps to manage everything.



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