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COREDINATE Digital Daily activity report: Your smartphone secretary

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In almost every profession, documenting one's own activities is an important part of daily work. It is not uncommon, however, to have little time for this during the day-to-day business or to have to put other tasks on the back burner for it. Wouldn't it be nice to have something or someone who could relieve you of the tedious documentation work?

A digital daily activity report is already standard for many security services and rightly so. This "digital secretary" can take a lot of work off your hands and do it reliably and securely. One example is the COREDINATE function digital daily activity report.


What the COREDINATE function Digital daily activity report can do

COREDINATE is an innovative assistance system that you can conveniently use with a desktop PC and a (ideally NFC-enabled) smartphone. Our online work force management system OWKS® offers you a wide range of functions, including a Digital daily activity report, which records all events for you during a control tour.

Events detected, tasks completed, work hours, checkpoint scans - COREDINATE Digital daily activity report really does document everything you need to document at the end of your shift. If this is still to become a report for your company or your customers, you can get it with just a few clicks and as detailed or brief as you want.


The functions in connection with COREDINATE digital daily activity report

Your personal digital secretary notes down all important processes during the inspection tour. These processes are as diverse as your activities as a security employee. COREDINATE offers you beside the function digital daily activity report a few more valuable aids, which can facilitate your work.

Your Digital daily activity report records all checkpoint scans that you scan during your shift. These checkpoints are the basis of the COREDINATE technology and are placed at the customer's site before you start your tour and are learned via the COREDINATE portal. All the information, documents and files you need on site are linked here, e.g. work instructions, tasks, etc.

All events that you record during your shift are recorded, summarized under the event recording function. This allows you to document not only in writing, but also easily visually via the photo function of your duty cell phone, everything you notice during your inspection rounds. If you do not want to write the associated text yourself, the dictation function offers you a reliable and fast alternative.

Your working hours are recorded as accurately as you want them to be. This means that not only the total working time is saved, but also the time you spend in a specific checkpoint area, if desired. Thus, your time recording will be as accurate as you want it to be.

Your Digital daily activity report serves as a record of completed tasks. Since all the tasks you have to complete during your tour are recorded in the daily activity report, you can easily prove with date and time when you have completed which activity.

From this wealth of information, COREDINATE Digital daily activity report makes it child's play to create reports that you can use for internal documentation or pass on to your customers as proof. These reports are as detailed as it is applicable to your needs.

Another gimmick when working with COREDINATE is the automatic sending of reports. You can create your own dispatch rule through the COREDINATE portal that instructs the system to send certain reports to an email address you specify at a certain frequency. This saves you time and increases your efficiency!


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