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What Does the COREDINATE Workforce Management System Cost?

What Does the COREDINATE Workforce Management System Cost?


What Does the COREDINATE Workforce Management System Cost?

A successful security company has many needs, with effective personnel being an important cornerstone. Staff needs to be reliable, and appropriate training is a must. The equipment a security company uses should also meet a broad range of criteria. Aside from general kit, many companies today rely on a workforce management system, with the cost of benefit ration probably being the most important factor for you as an entrepreneur. The money you invest should deliver a system that covers every necessary feature, while your personnel should benefit from its ease of operation.

COREDINATE is a particularly advanced, user-friendly system. The fundamental concept behint its technology involves checkpoint scans. These provide you with a sound basis for planning and routing your tours, and tasks and files can also be stored for your personnel. All you and your staff need in order to benefit from this workforce management system is a NFC-compatible smartphone (iOS and Android).

You can control all the important steps via the COREDINATE portal. It provides an environment for planning guard tours and creating and assigning tasks and forms. Administrative tasks such as the assignment of access rights can be tackled comfortably from a computer.

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COREDINATE is a fully integrated, professional and innovative solution that optimizes your processes, contributes to your quality assurance and helps you ensure that your customers enjoy complete satisfaction.

Whether your needs involve forms, time keeping, guard tour planning, task administration or recording significant incidents, COREDINATE enyures that you have all the features you require in digital form.

These are the Costs of the Workforce Management System

Transparency is hugely important at COREDINATE, which means you need not fear any hidden costs. You can start benefitting from the system for just £ 26.00 per month and per app and a non-recurring setup fee of £ 99.00.

And, if you need more time to consider this investment, you can also try out COREDINATE for 14 days, free of charge and with no binding commitment on your part. You need not disclose any payment information, but you will still enjoy access to all the features of the Online Workforce Management System (Online Wächterkontrollsystem®). This ensures that you remain flexible, and we have enough time to convince you of the benefits of COREDINATE. What's more, when compared to the benefits this Workfoce Management System brings to your company, the costs involved are significantly low!


We will send you a test set consisting of 3 checkpoints and one access card, and you can try out the features COREDINATE provides from the comfort of your desk.

No commitment necessary, and it's 100 % free!

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