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COREDINATE - Next Level Assistance

Guard Control System

COREDINATE is a fully integrated, professional and innovative solution for security companies that want to optimize their operational processes. With COREDINATE Online Guard Management Systems, you make your work more efficient, more cost-effective and more controlled. Easily enhance the service you provide to your clients. Digitally track guards, tours and checkpoints with real-time activity reporting.


Trying it out will be more telling than a thousand words could ever be. It doesn’t matter if your company is in the Security, Services or Healthcare field, this assistance system will bring the work of your team to a new level. With the trial version of COREDINATE you are not committing to anything and it will not result in any costs for you. So don’t miss your chance and apply for your free and 0 commitment trial period.

Made in Germany Cloud Services GIT Award Ausbildungsbetrieb

What our customers say

I can highly recommend COREDINATE to anyone looking for an all in one patrol and reporting solution.

Chris Perry


NVC Security LTD

Customer testimonial:
Chris Perry, NVC Security

Thank you “Coredy” for being a great catalyst to our successful operations!

Isabela Soliman Luig

VP Administration

Soliman Security Services

Customer testimonial:
Isabela Luig Soliman

COREDINATE combines transparency, innovation, technology and efficiency in one. With the prospect of using COREDINATE and the resulting digital transparency, we were able to win a major customer for our company.

Mario Poser

Managing Director

SAS Schutzdienste & Beratung

Due to the clear structuring of the functions, COREDINATE is easy to use and is therefore gladly used by the user. By using COREDINATE we were able to optimize the workflow.

Wolfram Zeidler

Security Management


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