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Customers of Your Security Service using COREDINATE on a PC


Your Security Services: Incident Reporting, Reports and Customer Access

Initial Situation

As Oliver Bush’s company Your Security Services has established its reputation with solid work over the last ten years, Schneider Werke’s CEO decided to hire the security services for the long-term protection of two of the main facilities. Oliver Bush is excited about the offer. Payment is satisfying, and the tasks are extensive which makes it possible to hire new personnel. Yet the Operations Manager Georg Haussen has one condition. He would like to be informed about all guard tours, noticeable problems and of course all working hours, and he would like to be informed „promptly“.

Customers of Your Security Service using COREDINATE on a smartphone

It would mean that after every shift, detailed reports would have to be written and provided with photographs as Your Security Service cannot avoid the work with the current Workforce Management System in use. Oliver Bush asks for time to consider. Back at the office he exchanges ideas with colleagues via Facebook and receives the repeating recommendation to test COREDINATE.

Everyday Work with COREDINATE

At the beginning of the 14-day long test phase Oliver Bush is surprised by the easy installation, the support team and of course by the extensive range of features. Due to the comparably low costs he buys ten COREDINATE licenses.

Two weeks later the contract with Schneider Werke is signed and two employees each begin their work at the facilities of the new customer. Operations Manager Georg Haussen tracks their progress from his desktop computer as Oliver Bush has given him access to the COREDINATE Portal.

Broken Lock at Your Security Service's new customer

His access has been limited so that he can track the orderly progress of the guard tours while the Site Manager of Your Security Services has more information. He has just received a photo from the adjoining building of Facility 2 showing the broken lock oft he front door. Georg Haussen will receive this information after the completion of the guard tour after Oliver Bush has created a PDF file with all reports which he sends to his employer. Oliver Bush is very pleased as it is the first time he can finish work in time with his employees.

With COREDINATE, Oliver Bush acquired a reliable partner for his security services. COREDINATE has helped achieve a perfect optimization of business processes and has helped save precious time mainly by using the features Incident Reporting, Reports and Customer Access. This way, extra hours dedicated to creating detailled reports could be decreased significantly.


Incident Reporting

Incidents during guard tours can be documented fairly easily with COREDINATE. The photo feature of the business phones in use can register incidents visually and this alone is more efficient than writing long descriptions. In case additional information is needed, the information can be given by tiping it into the business phone or even by using the dictation feature of the COREDINATE App. Either way, all necessary information is neatly documented at all times.



Be it for customers or for your own documentation, COREDINATE facilitates the simple evaluation of scanned checkpoints, reportet incidents, completed tasks – in a nutshell, everything that happens during a guard tour. All data will be saved automatically and chronologically via the function Digital Guard Book. Reports can be adjusted easily with just a few clicks using COREDINATE’s many filters.

In addition, reports can be send in a set rhythm with COREDINATE. This becomes particularly interesting when customers do not have access to the COREDINATE Portal.


Customer Access

Your other option is to give your customers access to the COREDINATE Portal. Access can be limited to certain parts of the system or you can give them full access. This way, customers always have as much information about the guard tour as your security service, and you do not need to give them additional information.


Apart from the features Incident Reporting, Reports and Customer Access, COREDINATE offers further functions wich can facilitate and optimize your business processes. You can test all COREDINATE features for 14 days for free and without committment. All you have to do is click on the button „START YOUR FREE TRIAL NOW“ and we will send you your individual test set.