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Security guard at night


Security Service Hartnett: Digital Guard Book and Lone Worker Protection

Initial Situation

Security Service Hartnett has been serving an important client in the Ruhr area for many years. This client recently opened a new facility and commissioned Hartnett with the security on these premises. An inspection round late in the evening always entails a certain level of risk, and not only due to the darkness. As construction work will probably only be completed in a few months’ time, unused building materials are still lying around, and the site is uneven in many areas.

Security Guard holding heavy folders

The fact that Bernard Porter, the security guard, needs to carry several items with him makes the situation more difficult. Aside from a radio and a torch, these include the daily activity report, a folder with security instructions specific to the building, writing utensils, etc. John Hartnett wonders whether, in our digital age, a guard tour cannot be completed without being burdened with so many extra items. After all, the safety of his personnel is of the highest priority.

Managing Director John Hartnett decides to visit the Security Essen trade fair to find out just what options are available. There, he meets a few acquaintances who already use a modern workforce management system, and these direct him towards COREDINATE. A live demonstration at the trade fair stand soon convinces him of the versatility of the software. Among other features, the COREDINATE app includes a daily activity report that records reported incidents, checkpoint scans and tasks completed during the shift – automatically and in real time.

Everyday Work with COREDINATE

Two weeks later, Bernard Porter is also impressed following the introduction of the new system, especially as he now no longer needs to carry so much additional equipment with him. All that he needs to use COREDINATE is a smartphone with an NFC function, which he holds in his hand in the form of a new, robust Crosscall Core X4 with a torch function.*

*Since 2 September 2019, you also have the option to use your iPhone for your daily work in addition to Android-based smartphones. COREDINATE is now also available for iOS.


Digital Guard Book

The recording of reported incidents, tasks and working times was previously documented manually in the daily activity report – an item that was frequently left on the passenger seat of the service vehicle and forgotten. The introduction of COREDINATE means that loose notes, illegible writing and other annoyances are a thing of the past. Security guard Bernard Porter no longer needs to concentrate actively on documentation, as the COREDINATE app takes care of this for him, and Managing Director John Hartnett can follow the course of his guard tour live on the COREDINATE portal.

The follow-up to Bernard Porter’s shift is also simpler. Only John Hartnett has to prepare documentation for forwarding to clients if necessary by using the numerous filter options provided in the portal.


Lone Worker Protection

What is personally much more important for John Hartnett is the integrated lone worker alarm. It activates if an employee fails to report to the central hub within a specified period of time. After all, Bernard Porter still runs the risk of stumbling over building rubble and having an accident on his guard tour. In the event of this happening, Bernard Porter knows that an alarm will be triggered that is even indicated on the map in the COREDINATE portal.

The specifications for the automatic alarm have been recorded as written working instructions and, if Bernard Porter fails to log into the COREDINATE app for more than ten minutes, a preliminary alarm is triggered. Bernard Porter needs to deactivate this manually, otherwise an emergency is triggered after a further two minutes and the app establishes a voice link with the receiving centre – in this case John Hartnett. In addition, Bernard Porter’s service mobile phone then emits an audible alarm signal. If he has really had an accident, then this audible alarm signal makes it easier to find him on the site.

John Hartnett has also activated a function that, in the event of an alarm, sends him an email indicating the last checkpoint scanned and the last known GPS location of Bernard Porter. This is useful information that he can share with emergency responders to ensure a speedy solution to the situation. In any event, both Bernard Porter and John Hartnett feel much more reassured during their work, thanks to the lone worker protection provided by COREDINATE.


The digital daily activity report and lone worker protection functions are integral components of the COREDINATE software. Moreover, our Online Workforce Management System provides further useful functions to improve your everyday work and make things easier. Order your individual test set and try COREDINATE for 14 days free of charge and without any commitment.

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