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Usecase: Automated Reports


Security Johnson: Automated Reports

Initial Situation

Derek Johnson has been the chief executive of Johson Security for years. He first heard of COREDINATE because he saw an ad on Google and he's been a satisfied customer for quite some time now. His team uses the online workforce management system confidently, and it's made work life easier for everyone.

However, one particular request from customers still presents a challenge for Derek Johnson. Some customers want regular reports of what is happening during shifts. This means, Derek Johnson regularly does overtime in order to put together the requested reports of the guard tours, and send them to customers. He needs a better solution.

Everyday Work with COREDINATE

Derek Johnson calls the COREDINATE support as they have always been able to help him with questions surrounding the COREDINATE system. The support team reminds him of the automation feature of COREDINATE with which he can automate reports and even their forwarding to customers via e-mail.

Derek Johnson is delighted. In automating the reports process, he can save time by letting COREDINATE do the work of writing reports and sending them to his customers.



In the COREDINATE Portal, Derek Johnson can create an individual report for each of his customers by selecting "Reports" in the menu. Not only can he choose which feature the reports are based on (e. g. checkpoints or incidents), but he can also determine the time frame for each report as it differs from customer to customer.

Derek Johnson can design each report according to his customers' preferences. This means, he can choose individually which information he includes. Only a few clicks are necessary to exclude unimportant information by dragging the specific features into the "inactive column".

The automated forwarding of reports is set up at the end of the report process. Derek Johnson can create forwarding rules which can be adjusted individually as well. The option "configure rhythm" gives him the opportunity to choose from the given options about when a report is to be sent. It can be sent only once, daily, weekly, monthly or even on an annual basis.

The last step of the report process determines the sender and receiver of the report. Derek Johnson can additionally create a message to inform his customers about the report they will receive with the e-mail.

Derek Johnson now only has to invest time once in order to set up the automated report process. Afterwards, COREDINATE takes on the task of automatically creating and sending reports to customers, according to the rules set by Derek Johnson.


Derek Johson could fix the time-consuming problem of manually creating reports for customers with just one phone call. The automated forwarding of reports is an important feature of COREDINATE. With this feature, you can simplify your work and save time for more important tasks.

If you are interested in our innovative assistance system, you can test COREDINATE for 14 days for free and noncommittal. You can enjoy all COREDINATE features without the obligation to buy. Request your individual testset now.