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Security Hill: man holding lock


Security Hill: Data Security, Two-Factor Authentication

Initial Situation

Susan Hill has successfully lead the security company Security Hill for years. Just as long, the company has been a customer of COREDINATE. This innovative assistance system helps Susan Hill and her team to efficiently optimize their business processes, and it particularly simplifies all parties‘ daily work – from security employees through accounting to clients of the company.

As a customer of COREDINATE, Susan Hill is always up-to-date when it comes to news concerning COREDINATE. The latest newsletter informed her about the update 8.4.5 wich includes a two-factor authentication which makes COREDINATE that much safer. Susan Hill passes the news on to the company’s IT department and asks her employees to implement the new feature.

Everyday Work with COREDINATE

Paul Buchanan, IT department, has waited for COREDINATE‘s two-factor authentication for the longest time. The guard patrol system has never raised any security concerns, but the additional protection of data doesn’t hurt. For years, authorities have advised companies to use two-factor authentication wherever possible.

In order to activate the two-factor authentication in the COREDINATE portal, Paul Buchanan does not need the help of COREDINATE’s support team. Instead, he needs to collect his colleague’s mobile devices and implement the new feature.


Data Security | Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication adds an additional layer of security to your login processes by combining two independently working components, e. g. the system you would like to use and an additional authentication app for a proof of identiy.

Paul Buchanan can therefore react to the well-known problem that users often use weak or only one password for all web services. A two-factor authentication can minimise the risk that passwords are intercepted by third parties.

Two-Factor Authentication with COREDINATE: Generate QR code

Paul Buchanan has to install an additional authentication app on his colleague’s mobile devices first. He uses Google Authenticator.

After activating the two-factor authentication, all users will be asked to provide an additional code to proof their identity. This code is generated by Google Authenticator.

Use two-factor authentication to log in to the COREDINATE portal

After entering the code, users can log-in to the COREDINATE system and use it as usual. The code which is generated by the authentication app changes every several minutes and is therefore safe against the abuse of third parties.


The two-factor authentication offers additional protection of company and customer data, and therefore acts as an additional sign of quality for Susan Hill’s security company.

If you are interested in COREDINATE’s security standards, you can test COREDINATE for 14 days for free and noncommittal. You can enjoy all COREDINATE features without the obligation to buy. Request your individual testset now.