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Doyle Maintenance: Ticket System and Reports

Initial Situation

Richard Doyle has been leading his successful company Doyle Maintenance for years. The company‘s patrons did not have any complaints, the new customer Heart Industrial Facilities, however, sets specific demands for Richard Doyle and his team which is the regular and detailled reporting of all completed tasks, all incidents and additional information.

Even if documentation has always been an important task for Richard Doyle and his staff, a new customer is the perfect opportunity to optimize old processes. An advertisement draws Richard Doyles attention to the Workforce Management System COREDINATE. Testing begins.

Everyday Work with COREDINATE

Richard Doyle is particularly taken by the function Ticket System and the Reports which can be automised easily. Theses two functions are to be implemented and used extensively with the new customer Heart Industrial Facilities.

The set up is remarkably easy due to help from the COREDINATE support team. It makes it easy for Richard Doyle to create a guard tour at Heart Industrial Facilities and include all necessary information, documents and tasks.


Ticket System

Due to the detailled demands of Heart Industrial Facilities Richard Doyle can create the tasks in hand in the form of processes in the COREDINATE portal. This enables him to list even the tiniest task so that he and his team as well as his customer can track the proper completion of tasks.

So, in preparation of working at Heart Industrial Facilities Richard Doyle creates the process „Maintenance Facility A“. The Facility A is the first object for maintenance during the tour at the facility of Heart Industrial Facilities. The customer has sent a list of tasks and the procedure oft he maintenance which Richard Doyle can implement as tasks into the process.

New Task COREDINATE Ticket System

Richard Doyle can appoint this task and others to one or more of his team members. His employees Bernd Schweb and Henry Luck share the tour at Heart Industrial Facilities. This means, Richard Doyle can determine who takes on which task by appointing them the task via the COREDINATE portal.

During the maintenance both employees have to just click on the respective process and they receive opportunity to start, pause and complete individual tasks. Completed tasks can be re-opened if needed as long as the process as a whole is not completed. This can be useful for e. g. for repeating tasks or if additional information appear which require the re-start of the task.



The documentation of all important information (e. g. completed tasks, incidents) during tours is part of the daily work of all employees of Doyle Maintenance. This is what Richard Doyle has put great emphasis on for every team member from the start. Therefore, this topic is just a sideline. However, it does not necessarily make reporting to the customer easier.

In particular for the new customer Heart Industrial Facilities which demands reporting as detailled as their workflow specifications, the extensive amount of data from the tours would cause an immense workload every day, but not with COREDINATE.

Not only that the automated documentation with COREDINATE facilitates daily work for all employees and for Richard Doyle. Furthermore, the possibility of creating and sending reports fully automatedly saves Richard Doyle the repeated merging of important information for his customer.

Smaller analyses which Heart Industrial Facilities might demand from time to time can be easily made via the function Work Results, and afterwards be sent as a PDF file via e-mail. This happens after e. g. an unforeseen incident during a tour.

For the general daily reports which Heart Industrial Facilities demands, the report had to be created only once. Starting from the information needed in the report, the time period through to the dispatch rhythm and the e-mail adress of the recipient with an attached message, everything can be configured in detail.

Configure Automated E-Mail Dispatch with COREDINATE

This way, Richard Doyle saves an immense amount of working hours and his customer is content to receive the report about the day’s analysis every day at the exact same time.


This example case shows you that COREDINATE can be of great support for your maintenance company. The presented functions Ticket System and Reports can save your time and nerves. Furthermore, the Workforce Management System COREDINATE offers other useful functions.

You can test these for 14 days for free and without commitment. Request your individual testset now.

Do you have questions about the presented or other COREDINATE functions or to the system as a whole? – Our Account Manager Alan Thornton will answer them gladly. Call +49 (0) 9842 80491 – 41.