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Set New Standards with your Guardbook

Set New Standards with your Guardbook


Set New Standards With Your Guardbook

Everyone knows it (not) everyone loves it: the guardbook or logbook. When executing your security services it is the basis of a proper written documentation, so it’s a must.

It is your daily companion during work and it doesn‘t always come in handy. Guards often have to carry the heavy folder along with other extensive equipment. This does not only complicate efficiency but it also increases the risk of damaging or even losing the guardbook.

This is a no-go when it comes to such an important component of your work! The guardbook furthermore serves not only as an internal verification of your completed tasks as an employee, it is also your flagship for your customers. If your customers demand access to your guardbook, it is one of the sole touch points your employees and your customers have at all.

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What Makes A Good Guardbook?

There are numerous variations of guardbooks which you can buy. The broad range of options can be confusing but there are some basic criteria which a good guardbook should meet in order to make work easier, not more difficult, for you and your staff. Kai Deliomini, who has been a dedicated lecturer and training supervisor in private security services for over eighteen years now, established four basic criteria which a good guardbook must meet. They are as follows:

  1. A guardbook must not be easy to manipulate. This means, missing pages must be noticeable immediately, e. g. through page numbers.
  2. The guardbook’s structure should be clear and simple. It is of no use if your employees do not know where to fill in which information. Forms should be user-friendly and self-explanatory so that your staff can fill them out without thinking twice.
  3. The guardbook should include instructions and guidelines. This includes accident prevention regulations or a general instruction on how to use the guardbook.
  4. A professional look can be a bonus. In case your customers really want to take a look at your guardbook, you should be sure that there are no coffee stains or loose, tattered pages in your guardbook.

These four criteria should make for a solid foundation on which you can build your ultimate guardbook. It unfortunately does not solve the problem of a folder or book being impractical. But there should be enough alternatives, particularly in our digital era.

COREDINATE’s Digital Guardbook

COREDINATE‘s Digital Guardbook puts an end to heavy folders and bulky guardbooks. The Digital Guardbook is included in our Online Workforce Management System by default. Working hours, incident reporting, etc. are automatically documented and therefore not only save you time but trouble. In addition, you can always give your customers access to all relevant documents and data as they are up-to-date and presentable at all times.

How COREDINATE’s Digital Guardbook Works

Guard patrols are the basis of the Digital Guardbook. These can be determined with checkpoints which your guard scans with an NFC-compatible mobile device. The identification (serial number) of the checkpoint is then transferred to the COREDINATE portal and automatically documented there.

From the portal you have the option to include tasks and forms into your guard partrol which you would otherwise have to provide in manual form. These tasks and forms will be shown to your guard once he/she scans the checkpoint. This prevents the risk of forgetting important tasks. At the same time, you ensure a proper and uninterrupted documentation of all necessary information. Even if the data connection is interrupted, all data will be cached and transferred once the connection is re-established.

If your customer demands access to your guardbook, you can either filter it beforehand or you can export the whole file and send it as a PDF-file. You do not have to worry about looks – COREDINATE delivers all important data with just one click!



Of course COREDINATE offers you many more features which will revolutionize your work. You can try our system for 14 days for free and without commitment! Enjoy the full scale of COREDINATE’s functions and further advantages without any obligation.

Let yourself be convinced of our simple and innovative Next Level Assistance!

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