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Security Employee of the Year – What's it All About?

Security Employee of the Year – What's it All About?

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"Security Employee of the Year" – What's it All About?

You may have seen some of our recent social media posts concerning the topic of "Sicherheitsmitarbeiter des Jahres 2021 (m/w/d)" ("Security Employee of the Year 2021"). We would like to give you a short overview of what it's all about and where – and when – the idea of the campaign has its origin.

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The History of "Security Employee of the Year"

In Germany, there are numerous ways to being honoured for your professional achievements. Firemen have received prices from the German Fireman Brigarde Federation for years. The General German Automobile Association (ADAC) awards its employees a bagde of honour and even policemen reveive badges for merit for their exceptional professional achievements. Up until the year of 2017, security employees have come away empty-handed.

COREDINATE has always emphasized the importance of closing this gap. Security employees often work away from the public eye but still perform an incredibly important service for our society. This is why the price " Security Employee of the Year" ("Sicherheitsmitarbeiter des Jahres") was initiated in 2017 in coorperation with the Federal Association of German Security Companies BDSW (Bundesverband mittelständischer Sicherheitsunternehmen).

The first winner, Sebastian Mücke, was awarded the price "Security Employee of the Year 2017" which started a "tradition of appreciation", as we like to call it. This is the slogan under which every campaign of "Security Employee of the Year" runs and it is what we aim to bring back into the security industry: appreciation.

"Security Employee of the Year 2021"

This year's campaign has seen as many applications and suggestions of suitable security employees as never before. Almost 50 submissions were made and covered the most diverse range of applicants, starting from an ambitious 21-year-old with as little experience as two years up to Site Security Managers and business executives with up to 20 years of experience, and more. This shows that "Security Employee of the Year" is a well-appreciated opportunity to say "Thank You" to all the security employees fulfilling their duties with passion on a daily basis.

Our jury, consisting of Klaus Bouillon (1st Chairman of the BDSW), Steffen Ebert (Chief Editor of the specialist journal GIT SICHERHEIT) and Michael Kulig (Chief Executive of COREDINATE), has recently chosen the six finalists for this year's competition. Starting Monday, May 3, 2021, the public will have the opportunity to choose the "Security Employee of the Year 2021" in an online voting (German only).

We hope to see a high participation and wish all the finalists good luck for the online voting!

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