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Security Employee of the Year – And the Winner Is...

Security Employee of the Year – And the Winner Is...

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Security Employee of the Year – And the Winner Is...

Bülent Yilmaz has wrapped up this year's election of the Security Employee of the Year. With over 21,000 votes of over 31,000 given votes in total, he has managed to win the price and will be awarded the title "Security Employee of the Year 2021" at the general meeting of the Federal Association of German Security Companies BDSW (Bundesverband mittelständischer Sicherheitsunternehmen e. V.) in Berlin in June.

We are proud to announce the highest voter turnout since the start of Security Employee of the Year in 2017. Since then, we have recorded a steady increase of interest and in participation, but this year's election has supassed our expectations by far. For us, this means that our aim to start a "tradition of appreciation" in the security sector – which we explained in a previous blog post – is gaining popularity and we are one step closer to accomplishing our goal.

Who Is Bülent Yilmaz, Security Employee of the Year 2021?

By his own admission, Bülent Yilmaz has been a reliable employee for nineteen years. He enjoys the trust of his colleagues and he has been able to teach them a thing or two. His motto is "One good turn deserves another" which he follows to a tee when interacting with his team and colleagues.

His colleagues who suggested him for the price Security Employee of the Year 2021 highlight his efforts for equality of all employees within the company and his fairness. Bülent Yilmaz always finds a solution while always being genuine and helpful. He loves and lives for his employer Pond Security Service GmbH and is a great support for his team, his staff and his colleagues.

We were particularly surprised by the number of times Bülent Yilmaz was suggested for the price Security Employee of the Year 2021. It seems like his whole team filled out an application for him before he submitted his own. In total, he was suggested six times, which in itself is evidence that Bülent Yilmaz does a great job.

Bülent Yilmaz leads his team with a steady and fair hand and as the employee organization head he purposfully takes care of all issues. And while doing so, he easily ensures a pleasant atmosphere.

The Other Candidates of Security Employee of the Year 2021

Bülent Yilmaz' colleague Sertan Cankaya came in second at this year's election and gained a total of 31 per cent of the votes while Ricardo Hilse, third place, reached 1,158 votes in total which amounted to 4 per cent of the overall result.

Here are the results of this year's election:

Thank You

We would like to thank all candidates of the price Security Employee of the Year 2021. Although there can only be one winner, all six candidates have shown exceptional professional accomplishments and their passion for their job as security employees.

We would also like to thank everyone who has participated in this year's election of Security Employee of the Year. It is a great sign for us as the initiators of the campaign to see it gaining so much attention and appreciation. We hope to continue this trend in the coming years.

Our thanks also goes to the jury, consisting of Klaus Bouillon (1st Chairman of the BDSW), Steffen Ebert (Chief Editor of specialist journal GIT SICHERHEIT) and Michael Kulig (Chief Execuitive of COREDINATE), who have chosen the six finalists of Security Employee of the Year 2021.

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