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Security Employee of the Year 2021 – Interview with Bülent Yilmaz

Security Employee of the Year 2021 – Interview with Bülent Yilmaz


Security Employee of the Year 2021 – Interview with Bülent Yilmaz

This year, the Security Employee of the Year campaign has seen the greatest voter participation since its initiation in 2017. Over 31,000 votes of which a stunning 65 per cent were cast for Bülent Yilmaz were given this year. He has recently received his price at the annual general meeting of the Federal Association of German Security Companies BVMS (Bundesverband mittelständischer Sicherheitsunternehmen e. V.) in Berlin.

We at COREDINATE wanted a little deeper insight on Bülent Yilmaz' impressions. That is why we interviewed him about his thoughts on the price Security Employee of the Year and its impact.

What Were Your First Thoughts When You Heard that You Had Won the Price Security Employee of the Year 2021, and What Did Your Social Environment Say About Your Success?

When I first heard the news, I was very happy. I have been working in this job for 19 years now, and I have met a lot of people since then. My friends, family and colleagues were very happy for me. They were proud, too, that their support had led to my victory. They all congratulated my and are still sharing their joy with me.

I would like to thank my supporters and I am proud of having won an award such as Security Employee of the Year. I am also proud of having the opportunity of representing my employer, Pond Security Service GmbH.

What Do You Value Most in Your Job as a Security Employee?

We as security employees work on the sidelines, away from the public eye, but we contribute to our society's order and safe living. Security employees work day and night and oftentimes under poor circumstances.

The price Security Employee of the Year shows how many people in Germany are working in this industry. Therefore, on behalf of my fellow colleagues, I would like to thank the initiators of Security Employee of the Year for their appreciation.

What Does the Price Security Employee of the Year Mean for You and How Much Social Importance Would You Grant It?

The price Security Employee of the Year means a lot to me. I have won the trust and pride of my colleagues and my employer, Pond Security Service GmbH with this award.

There are many people working in the security industry. Wherever someone need help, we are on the scene with great dedication. Over the last few years, our profession has also gained importance. The price Security Employee of the Year highlights our importance for our society. It is nice to see that we receive the credit we deserve.

The Campaign Security Employee of the Year Goes by the Motto "A Tradition of Appreciation". How Does this Motto Contribute to an Improvement in the Security Industry?

I think, the campaign "Security Employee of the Year" is important as it strenghtens the understanding that jobs in the security industry are one of the most important indicators of a safe society. This way we as security employees hope for better working conditions and for more qualified staff to follow.

How Did Winning the Price Security Employee of the Year 2021 Impact Your Professional Life? Did it Chance Your Relationship to Your Job?

I have to admit that my professional life has not changed due to winning "Security Employee of the Year 2021". After visiting Berlin and attending the award ceremony, my employer Pond Security Service GmbH has honoured me with a company-intern certificate and the traditional Pond Goldcoin. It was given to me by my Area Manager Martin Merz.

I have been working for Pond Security Service GmbH for 19 years. Their support has helped me win "Security Employee of the Year 2021", too, which I am particularly proud of. My motivation has peaked since then, and I am happy to share my excitement with my colleagues. They have always believed in me. We still support each other.

My relationship to my job as a security employee has not changed either. I am very happy to get back to work. I love my profession and I am happy to learn new things every day. Particulary those colleagues who have supported me in winning the price "Security Employee of the Year 2021" have greeted me with embraces and congratulations after my days in Berlin.

Since then I see a significant, positive change in the people around me. My colleagues are more motivated and the appreciate their job as a security employee. Seeing this touches me deeply and lets me know I can always count on them.

What Do You Wish for as a Security Employee?

I would like to see our industry gain more public attention through more campaigns such as "Security Employee of the Year". This way, wages in the security industry should be improved as soon as possible as they depend on location and work environment rather than the kind of work you do.

I wish for better wages for every security employee in Germany – many of whom risk their lives on a daily basis – so that the industry changes into an economic branch in which qualified people work. Therefore, I would like to thank institutions who do their work in this field, in particular the BVMS, COREDINATE and the publishing house Wiley Verlag (initiators of the price "Security Employee of the Year 2021").

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