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Security Employee of the Year 2021 – Award Ceremony with Bülent Yilmaz

Security Employee of the Year 2021 – Award Ceremony with Bülent Yilmaz


Award Ceremony with Bülent Yilmaz, Security Employee of the Year 2021

Bülent Yilmaz, this year's winner of the price Security Employee of the Year 2021 was honored at the sixth annual general meeting of the Federal Association of German Security Companies BVMS (Bundesverband mittelständischer Sicherheitsunternehmen e. V.). 

Berlin TV Tower

The award ceremony of Security Employee of the Year was framed by the competent association members which consist of specialists and executives from medium-sized German security companies, and by the event location in the heart of Berlin, the Hotel Titanic Chaussee.

Award winner Bülent Yilmaz has won out over his qualified competitors by impressive 64 % of all votes. All candidates of this year's campaign were highly qualified and each of them would have deserved to win the price.

Bülent Yilmaz had been an army soldier for twenty years before he started working for Pond Security Service GmbH 19 years ago. He supports his colleagues as an employee representative.

In his acceptance speech he emphasized that his goal was to be there for his colleagues at all times, to support them and to pass on his experience and knowledge to them. He particularly thanked his family and his employer, Pond Security Service GmbH, for their great support.

"A Tradition of Appreciation" – The History of the Price Security Employee of the Year

The essential characteristic of the Security Employee of the Year award ceremony is the appreciation for hard-working security personnel. The goal of this year's ceremony was to place special emphasis on the exceptional work of security employees for our society. Therefore, we are delighted to see that the importance of the price Security Employee of the Year has continuously increased over the past few years.

This was achieved by further extending our competent jury. Steffen Ebert, Publishing Director at the publishing house Wiley Verlag, and Chief Editor of the specialist journal GIT SICHERHEIT, has been a worthy addition. In cooperation with Klaus Bouillon (1st Chairman of the BVMS) and Michael Kulig (Chief Executive of COREDINATE) he has formed a new jury which selects the finalists of the price Security Employee of the Year. The winner, however, is chosen by the public. Everyone can participate in the online-voting.

The BVMS Annual General Meeting in Berlin

The annual general meeting of the BVMS has been the first oportunity for a real face-to-face communication with association members in a long time. There was a number of topics to discuss: statute changes, votings, honours and the presentation of the wage agreement of the BVMS' bargaining committee. We would like to thank the BVMS for a professional event and a suitable setting for the award ceremony of the price Security Employee of the Year 2021.

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