Association Work in the Security Industry:

How to Best Represent Your Company and Network with Like-Minded Professionals.


The Neglected Security Industry: The Importance of Association Organization and Value Enhancement

In spite of its crucial role in our technology-driven world, the security industry often remains overlooked and undervalued. Associations are essential in this field, not only to highlight its worth, but also to provide a platform for exchange, representation, and support for the recognition and promotion of the industry.


Despite playing a crucial role in the functioning of our society, the security industry is often overlooked and undervalued. To highlight its true worth, it is essential for the industry to organize itself through associations such as the Bundesverband mittelständischer Sicherheitsunternehmen (BVMS). In a world driven by technology and data, the security industry has taken on a vital role, extending beyond traditional physical security measures to include areas such as cybersecurity, data protection, and information security.

By becoming a member of such associations, your company gains a platform for exchange, shared learning, and representation of its interests to policymakers, the public, and other stakeholders. Associations like BVMS provide a united voice for the industry, helping to raise awareness of its significance. Through their work, they shed light on the challenges and opportunities of the industry, facilitating the discovery of innovative solutions.



A snapshot of the BVMS Annual General Meeting held in 2023 at the NH Hotel in Heidelberg.


For instance, the BVMS plays a crucial role in strengthening the security industry in Germany. It advocates for its members' interests and highlights the industry's significance in both social and economic contexts. The BVMS sheds light on the challenges and opportunities facing the industry, helping to discover innovative solutions.

Membership in such an association can help your company increase its competitiveness and improve the quality of its services. You benefit from the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, exchange best practices, and take advantage of collective learning opportunities. Furthermore, membership allows you to voice your concerns and issues in political discussions and regulations, a crucial aspect in a time of ever-evolving regulatory requirements and legislation.

The security industry holds undeniable value, which can be amplified by stronger representation and organization through associations such as BVMS. It is up to all of us – industry companies, associations, and society as a whole – to recognize and promote this value. Only then can the security industry receive the recognition it deserves and continue to make its vital contribution to the safety and prosperity of our society.



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