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Customer Testimonial: Stefan Bühling, Pond Security Service

Customer Testimonial: Stefan Bühling, Pond Security Service

Stefan Bühling
Head of Alarm Receiving and Intervention Centre
Logo Pond Security Service GmbH
Pond Security Service GmbH

Rückinger Straße 12

63526 Erlensee

Why Should Security Services Use COREDINATE?

The most important thing for a customer is, naturally enough, complete and objective documentation of inspection procedures. The transparency of our services achieved as a result is immensely important in our industry, because it enables us to create trust. Our customers also value COREDINATE's sensible menu navigation.

How Did COREDINATE Help Optimise Your Workflows?

When compared directly with other systems, COREDINATE particularly distinguishes itself by the intuitive manageability of flow traces and handling instructions. Additionally, it’s possible to respond quickly and flexibly to customer wishes through the online portal.

How Would You Rate the Usability of COREDINATE?

Its operation is designed to be clear and understandable. The user-friendly interface means that no advanced programming skills are needed and so, following brief introductory training, the system can be deployed rapidly for operations.

How Would You Rate the Set Up and First Steps with COREDINATE?

Well, if I could give it a grade, it would be GOOD. In particular, the so-called initial steps during specific building set-up are logical and mostly self-explanatory. That’s an advantage that should not be underestimated as, particularly in set-up operations in the context of project takeovers, customer requirements can be implemented quickly in this way.

How Did Your Employees and Customers React to the New Possibilities of COREDINATE?

Employing new systems is never completely easy, neither for customers nor for employees. But as soon as COREDINATE WKS is up and running, it’s greeted with unanimous approval, and even enthusiasm.

Our customers value having their own access option, because it means they are well – and completely – informed at all times. Incidents that previously took several days to process (extensive written correspondence being an example) have been considerably reduced in terms of the extent involved.

And our employees were more than impressed by the tools, by the first claim notification at the latest, because a photo sometimes says a lot more than cumbersome descriptions.