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Customer Testimonial: Mike Cox, Director JSM Security LTD

Customer Testimonial: Mike Cox, Director JSM Security LTD

JSM Security Service
Mike Cox

6 Plouzane Road,
Pencoed, Bridgend
CF35 5LN,
United Kingdom

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How did you monitor an control the operations before adopting COREDINATE?

We used a system called Tagtronics which was not particularly effective and very over priced.

What were the negative consequences?

The system was unreliable, the staff were unhelpful and the cost was too high.

How would you describe improvements?

The COREDINATE setup is easy to use, very accurate and effective and the staff are excellent.

What are the positive business outcome you are expecting?

The system is by far more effective and so keeping tabs on guard activity is now much simpler. 
It is also easy to show clients a report of the guard activity, should they wish to view it.

In selecting a sytem what were your required capabilities, must haves?

Ease of use, client friendly and accurate.

How would you measure the improvement?

I would say that the COREDINATE system has given 100% improvement on the previously used software.

Please summarise in one statement your view of COREDINATE.

The COREDINATE experience as a whole was seamless. From staff to software I am completely satisfied and would recommend to anybody in the security industry.