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Customer Testimonial: Maximilian Mohrs, AMZ Sicherheitsdienste GmbH

Customer Testimonial: Maximilian Mohrs, AMZ Sicherheitsdienste GmbH

Maximilian Mohrs, Managing Director of AMZ Sicherheitsdienste GmbH
Maximilian Mohrs
Managing Director
Logo AMZ Sicherheitsdienste GmbH
AMZ Sicherheitsdienste GmbH

Kurfürstendamm 96

10709 Berlin

Why Should Security Services Use COREDINATE?

Security services are often working behind the scenes, and therefore isn't always adequately noticed. A modern Guard Patrol System like COREDINATE offers the opportunity to transparently document our work and show our customers in real-time how much work was done.

How Did COREDINATE Help Optimise Your Workflows?

Many tasks which were linked to a classic Guard Patrol System have become redundant. Changing data collectors and retrieving their data as well as the verification of evaluations is now done automatically. If an object is set up once, all you have to do is react to incidents. This can easily be done because of the saved time during the set-up process. Security employees and operations management can proactively and immediately contact customers and solve issues together.

How Would You Rate the Usability of COREDINATE?

Usability is clear and simple. You do not need extensive IT know how.

How Would You Rate the Set Up and First Steps with COREDINATE?

Right from the start, we were pleasantly surprised by COREDINATE's efforts. The support team helped us set up the system in no time and our first object was equipped with check points fast.

How Did Your Employees and Customers React to the New Possibilities of COREDINATE?

Our employees were pleased with the easy handling of the system. Reports are now automatically created which finally replaced a lot of unpopluar paperwork.

Our customers were very excited right from the beginning. In praticular the live broadcast of incidents with their respective photo documentation was well received and ensures a much faster progession of damage repair.