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Customer Testimonial: Marcel Held, Held Security

Customer Testimonial: Marcel Held, Held Security

Marcel Held, Managing Director of Held Security
Marcel Held
Managing Director
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Held Security

Schillerstr. 17

76456 Kuppenheim

Why Should Security Services Use COREDINATE?

You should use COREDINATE because of its unbelievably profitable cost-benefit ratio. Its low price in combination with its many features is simply brilliant and therefore a distinctively better solution than any guard patrol system which comes in at a thousands of euros.

How Did COREDINATE Help Optimise Your Workflows?

COREDINATE has facilitated our daily workload for us and made us more efficient as a company as data which are collected via smartphone app can immediately be accessed via tablet or computer – even by our customers if we set up a customer's account for them.

We do not need additional data collectors with which you are only able to access their data after the guard patrol has been completed. Our Site Security Managers and our customers can track the progress of our guards in real-time.

How Would You Rate the Usability of COREDINATE?

Both the COREDINATE App and the online access via browser are quite functional and simple to use. You can use all features which you would expect from any guard patrol system from the comfort of your smartphone. It is fast and uncomplicated.

How Would You Rate the Set Up and First Steps with COREDINATE?

Right from the start, a COREDINATE technician gives you an excellent set-up briefing via telephone which makes you capable of using all further features on your own. Even after the first set-up, COREDINATE's competent and friendly support team have always helped us really fast. You do not have to wait long for your calls to be answered and COREDINATE ensures a fast processing of all inquiries.

How Did Your Employees and Customers React to the New Possibilities of COREDINATE?

Our customers as well as our employees took kindly to the new solution. Customers are particularly fond of the possibility of being informed immediately about any incidents / guard tours, and the option to track the guard's progress in real-time.

Our employees are delighted by the handling of the COREDINATE App and the flexibility which COREDINATE offers.