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Customer Testimonial: Georg Gerzimbke, Secur Solutions GmbH

Customer Testimonial: Georg Gerzimbke, Secur Solutions GmbH

Georg Gerzimbke, Operations Manager at Secur Solutions GmbH
Georg Gerzimbke
Operations Manager
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Secur Solutions GmbH

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Why Should Security Services Use COREDINATE?

COREDINATE is a new, modern and interesting tool, which every modern security service needs for correct and precise accounting for standard operations in the buildings. It is also the best solution on the market that provides maximum transparency for the customer. Legal regulations and VDE standards are easily implemented in the system.

How Did COREDINATE Help Optimise Your Workflows?

Real-time transmission of the NFC points and timekeeping using NFC employee cards make our quality procedures much easier. Annoying routine messages for the central hub of the individual buildings became obsolete. Individual workplace protection for our employees can now be optimally managed with just one system. The tens of thousands of emails sent to customers after the end of a security tour are now sent automatically using COREDINATE’s Incident Reporting.

How Would You Rate the Usability of COREDINATE?

COREDINATE provides excellent, customer-oriented service that makes it easy for each individual user to understand and operate, whether security service provider, dispatcher or personnel manager.

How Would You Rate the Set Up and First Steps with COREDINATE?

Our initial phase with COREDINATE took us into the digital age of the Workforce Management System. The employees and managing directors of COREDINATE have given us outstanding support from the very beginning, and we are still completely satisfied after more than six months.

How Did Your Employees and Customers React to the New Possibilities of COREDINATE?

After taking a brief look at the state-of-the-art Workforce Management System, our customers immediately understood how and why it is so useful. It makes old and cumbersome data collectors obsolete. The employees only need to carry a normal mobile phone or our newly purchased RugGear mobile phones and now have several new features that make their work much easier than before with the old systems.