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Benefits for the Workers’ Council of Security Services

Benefits for the Workers’ Council of Security Services

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Benefits for the Workers’ Council of Security Services

With COREDINATE it’s not just about the documentation of the attendance, like with older guard security systems. COREDINATE is a system that will assist your co-workers when doing their daily job – and keep them secure.

Proven approach but with a modern twist

One of the important basic COREDINATE features is to document that the security personnel was at a given location at a given time. This is important because of possible liabilities that may occur when there is an emergency, such a system is usually referred to as guard control system. Such system have been – even if not really that modern – set in place for almost as long as there have been guard services. So COREDINATE has not changed the original principle behind it and even reaches out for the same kind of guard control data as other classical systems do. These principles have been known and accepted, for decades, by security personnel and employers.

Privacy on principle

It would be unthinkable for us at COREDINATE, as we have security services working with our system, to not have a very high measure of privacy. The server for the portal and the application are hosted in Germany and adhere to the very strict German data privacy regulations. Neither the control points nor the access cards save sensitive or even personal data, all the data is encrypted. COREDINATE employs their own Data Security Officer, who monitors and secures all the processes. We can offer you, on request, a complied list of the Technical and Organizational Measures (TOM). COREDINATE has also joined and is actively taking part in the initiative “Cloud Services Made in Germany”.

Individual Access Rights

COREDINATE is not a system that works in a “Everything or Nothing” way, it’s not just about being to access all the date or none at all. Individual rights can be adapted to a finesse, so that each user can access just those that are actually needed. It’s not that you can only highlight specific features within the software, you can add your own definitions over the spatial access a user has. As an example, it is possible to define that a user can only see the data from propriety 1, while another user can access both propriety 1 and 2.

Lone Worker Safety

When working in security, you often have only yourself to rely on – often under difficult conditions, at night, in challenging surroundings, regardless of weather. If your co-worker is working over a set time frame, that you can set up, it could be a sign that something is wrong. If the co-worker will not react to the initial alarm, COREDINATE will issue a so called “Lone Worker Switch”. In the event of an alarm, the application will establish a voice connection to any given number and facilitates through a very clear alarm the detection of a possibly injured person. In the portal the alarm location will even be shown on a map, which additionally improves the locating. You can then also add the measures you have taken directly in response to the alarm in the system. It is even possible, on request, to receive an email with the co-worker’s last known location and checkpoint scan.

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Besides the main functionalities COREDINATE offers so many more advantages, your daily work is made easier and the quality of your services improves. That’s why you simply have to try COREDINATE!

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