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Benefits for the Purchasing Departmant of Security Services

Benefits for the Purchasing Departmant of Security Services

Benefits for the Purchasing Departmant

New winds are blowing in the field of guard control systems. With COREDINATE you will be able to pass on expensive and fragile special hardware – a work smartphone is all that you will need, which security has on hand as it is. The decision is yours to make, do you want to invest into old technology or become part of the future.

Pick the flat rate instead of the cost block

The only acquisition cost with COREDINATE, are the one time setup fee of 99 Euro and the cost of a few control points for the business. Otherwise COREDINATE is pure software and can be used on any normal smartphone with an Android operating system and the NFC functionality. For the monthly use you pay a low fee starting at £/€/$ 29 – it keeps your costs fixed and predictable.

Easy rollout

COREDINATE is so intuitive, that normally no training is required for the users. We still have “COREDINATE ACADEMY” available as an extensive Online-help source to any questions as well as our free support that will be happy to help you personally. To operate, our application only needs to be installed to a smartphone. The counterpart to the application, our portal, can be ran directly in your browser – there is no installation required, which significantly simplifies the process for your IT as well.

Manage the volume yourself

As a modern system, COREDINATE can be managed online completely. You yourself can activate a new licence and work with it in the next second. Same way it is always possible to cancel your licence online or set devices (if you lost them for example) to “inactive”. All without needing to contact us at all or being dependant on normal office hours.

Consistent system from one source

COREDINATE in its core is just software. We offer you everything else that you need to run our solution. From singular control points till key seals, we have an extensive range of accessories. All you need is a stable, fail-safe smartphone, that will handle the hard work. We even offer those in our stores if you require one. Of course, all the components we have are already matched up with each other and we carried out a preliminary quality check for you.

Try it out before you book

COREDINATE’s goal is to showcase that we bring the quality of your services up and put the connection to your client to a new level. This goal does not include you being unhappy, so we give you the option to try out our solution, with all the features and without limits for 14 full days. By the way, you can do your trial with your actual clients, which will definitely increase the practical relevance. If through that you realize that COREDINATE does not suit you at all, all the data will be deleted at the end of the trial.

Flexible Terms

Because COREDINATE is a Software-as-a-Service, it is generally bound to a contract duration of 24 months. We still offer a more flexible variation, where you can decide month-by-month if you want to terminate. That way you can use COREDINATE for short term work contract, like for example construction site surveillance or event security, without missing out on the benefits that it brings.

Try out now for free!

Besides the main functionalities COREDINATE offers so many more advantages, your daily work is made easier and the quality of your services improves. That’s why you simply have to try COREDINATE!

Try out now for free!