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Benefits for the Object Manager

Benefits for the Object Manager

Benefits for the Object Manager

It is difficult to lead a team, when you do not have the necessary information available on time or even at all. COREDINATE understands that and offers you a system that will make the overview of your team smoother, direct and more fair.

Quick Info Instead of Search

Being a superior in guard security is not an easy job. You work as a normal security guard most of the time, but you also have to manage a whole team at the same time and be the connecting point for the clients. COREDINATE supports you. A look at the cockpit is enough to immediately know who is logged in or who does not work with it yet, who reported any incidents and if all tasks and tours were completed. Everything placed in one spot centrally, no need for you to search.

Prompt Praise and Criticism

It’s difficult to approach a co-worker about an issue that has taken place weeks or even months back – the connection is missing and no one will know very well what had happened anymore. With COREDINATE that cannot happen, because through the data transfer in real time the problems will be visible immediately. That gives you the opportunity to approach problems as they happen, before they can settle, and then after the good performance a praise can follow straight away. Unfinished tours or forgotten tasks? COREDINATE will tell you before the end of the shift, so that you will know before your client does.

Master Customer Inquiries Confidently

Everyone knows this situation: In the night there was a break-in and the customer as well as the police are waiting for your opinion. Where was the security staff and when? What did they see? Where you had to go through stressful data collection and handwritten protocols had to be scanned, it only takes a mouse click with COREDINATE. Simply let it list all the completed checkpoints and events – sorted by time, a co-worker or even a singular checkpoint. Create a PDF file and email your report directly to the customer – all within minutes.


Not rarely the security staff will take on small but important tasks on their tour. If those get forgotten, it is usually found out only after the shift ends through unhappy customers. With COREDINATE you can choose to add as many tasks as you want, or even set them to specific checkpoints. If your co-worker scans that control-point, the COREDINATE system will notify them of the task immediately. These tasks can be time to a specific point in time as well (e.g. only Wednesdays after 9 pm) and will only appear when they need to be done. After that COREDINATE will require feedback – was the task completed? If yes, everything is okay, if not then an explanation will be required. And you see it all live in the portal.

Lone Worker Safety

Security work tends to be a lonesome business – working alone in often difficult conditions, at night, in a harsh environment and in any kind of weather. If your employee does not work with COREDINATE over a certain time limit, that you can simply set it up, it could be a sign that something bad happened. If the employee does not react to the early warning either, a so-called lone worker switch will go off. In the case of an alarm, the application will set up a voice communication to a given number and, through a very clear alarm sound, make it easier to find the possibly injured person. In the portal the alarm will even showed on a map, which can make the locating even easier; additionally initiated measures can be recorded directly to the alarm. If you wish, you may even receive an email with the last known location and checkpoint of the employee.

Key Management

When you accept the keys from your client a lot of responsibility is transferred over to the security service. If a key is lost, everyone knows what the employee will say in advance: The employee from the last shift has naturally put it back as per regulations, but the employee of the following shift could not find it there and also denies any possible fault. With COREDINATES key management this problem is quickly resolved. If you want it to, COREDINATE will give a date, time and the last carrier for each pick-up and drop-off of the key. So you can know which person was the last one in possession of which key. Even simpler, and secure from manipulation, the handover is done with key seals. A scan is enough and COREDINATE knows which key it is – at the same time the seal secures a whole bunch of keys. The removal of individual keys is only possible by force and immediately visible.


If you were so far used to get your data collectors from the propriety and to read it, before you could even access a single line of data, then we have some good news for you: With COREDINATE there is only a mouse click needed to receive a PDF file about checkpoint scans, events, tours and all other important data. Through countless filters you are able to narrow down the data to the point where you will get only the relevant information about time frames, clients or employees. Can it get any more convenient and fast – and even without all the previously required reading!

GPS Tracking

Especially when outside, like in big industrial areas or in open field monitoring, it is a big advantage when you can follow an employee’s route on a map. COREDINATE can do that and even saves the battery because of a special algorithm in the tracking – it has to survive through a shift after all. Countless filter function support you with GPS-location tracking as well, so that you can reduce the amount of data significantly. The affected client or the important tour can be found fast this way. If you do not want to have tracking enabled, it can be deactivated and completely hidden.

Guard Book

Wouldn’t it be practical if someone added all the important inputs during the shift automatically? With COREDINATE you have this personal “assistant” at your disposal. Every activity by your employee, so with detected events, completed tasks or singular checkpoint scans will be recorded in the background automatically. The biggest advantage is that the guard book fills up in real time and shows inputs chronologically – you are basically able to see the shift step by step. Or are you interested just in specific topics? Great, then just use one of the multiple filters available in the portal.

Time Tracking

Everyone knows them and no one in payroll wants to have anything to do with them: time sheets. There is always some kind of issue with them, wrongly filled out or written with an unreadable handwriting – and even handed in too late. It sure helps that COREDINATE can help take over this function as well. Not only will you be able to record the work times of your employees, but even the exact time spent in what area. Doesn’t it sound good, for the optimizing of your team patrols, to know how long they were actually on-site and for the estimation of the control for the client? How the actual recording of working hours and times runs is decided by you. Your team can either manually enter the times through the application or COREDINATE cuts off at the checkpoint of your choice. Can’t get more comfortable, really!

Flexible Forms

Does your team take over small tasks when they do their tours? Then say goodbye to the clipboard and the paper forms. With COREDINATE you are able to replace every existing form easily and make them available on smartphone or tablet. The created forms can be attached to the specific task, where you can add a reminder through COREDINATE. Example: Your employee scans a checkpoint in the boiler room and the task “Read water meter” will open up together with the right check list that they can fill out. Bigger forms actually even look good on small smartphones, because COREDINATE always works “responsive”.

Extensive Rights System

You are able to select exactly which rights are attributed to who with COREDINATE. It is possible to do within the system or even within your customer base. One employee may only read checkpoint, the other may also enter the portal? The propriety manager should see both plants, but his co-workers only the plant where they are engaged at? No problem at all with COREDINATE! As quickly as you can distribute rights to singular users you can also completely remove their rights from the system. One mouse click is enough for them to not even be able to log in anymore. Because COREDINATE does not store any data permanently on smartphones, that enables a higher degree of data protection.

Upon request: Access for your customers

Don’t let your monthly bills be your only connection to your customers! Make your security services tangible. You can set up the access to the COREDINATE portal for them and you can decide on your own how much they can see there. Maybe only the checkpoint scans or maybe even the completed events? With COREDINATE your customer can always have a personalized system for their use. Because of COREDINATE’s transparent and simple price model you don’t need to have any inhibitions about it. The only cost will be the price per application, the number of users is irrelevant.

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Besides the main functionalities COREDINATE offers so many more advantages, your daily work is made easier and the quality of your services improves. That’s why you simply have to try COREDINATE!

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