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Benefits for the Guarded Customer

Benefits for the Guarded Customer

Benefits for the Guarded Customer

Most service providers can provide you with service that you can see – security is less tangible. Not only that, it is often the case that good security gets removed, because “nothing has happened anyway”. With COREDINATE we make your security service tangible and for the first time – transparent.

Transparency 2.0

The value of a security service is very hard to measure. The whole industry is getting the short end of the stick here, as that causes its worth to get questioned. An overwhelming majority of security services will do their jobs inconspicuously and reliably – no matter what conditions on 365 days of the year. With COREDINATE it is now possible to make the work of your service provider both transparent and tangible. If your security use COREDINATE, they can automatically update you with reports of the covered control points or they can can send you a report of the events of the previous night – including pictures. For the first time you can compare your monthly invoice to actual, measurable results.

A little bit more work security

As an employer and “landlord” you are not only on the hook for the security of your own employees, but also for external service providers that are working on your propriety. COREDINATE supports you with that, thanks to our workplace security, the security personnel have an additional layer of security. There is a time limit in which they are required to interact with COREDINATE, if they do not the application with issue a pre-alarm to notify them. If the on-site worker fails to react, there follows another pitched alarm and a phone connection will be established to a previously arranged contact partner. You can’t always choose the situation you are in – but you can choose to use COREDINATE to deal with those situations.

Many service providers – one platform

COREDINATE can find good use anywhere, where there is work by service providers done, that needs to be documented in the field. Understandably, it means that COREDINATE is not only good for the security in question, but also for other service providers like maintenance and cleaning. Through the scan of the control points that were brought on site, you are able to have an overview at the same time of all the service providers that were or are present on site.

Selection guide for your service providers

To use COREDINATE is equal to making a statement. It enables a level of transparency that was not heard of before. Use this statement in the choice for your service providers, because businesses that use COREDINATE are not only standing proudly for innovative thinking, but also for being open about the service you provide.

Our list of reference customers already offers a wide and interesting choice!

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Besides the main functionalities COREDINATE offers so many more advantages, your daily work is made easier and the quality of your services improves. That’s why you simply have to try COREDINATE!

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