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COREDINATE's visit at Klüh Security

Klüh Security Managing Director Sven Horstmann together with COREDINATE Managing Directors Michael Kulig and Sebastian Kulig

On 23 November 2023, a remarkable meeting took place at the premises of Klüh Security GmbH in Düsseldorf. Despite the gloomy weather, which made the journey a little more difficult, Managing Directors Michael and Sebastian Kulig arrived at the headquarters with confidence and anticipation. Their aim was to hold a crucial meeting with Sven Horstmann, Managing Director of Klüh Security.

The agenda for the meeting was extensive and focussed. The aim was to deepen and intensify the business relationship between the two companies. At a time when the security industry is constantly evolving and bringing with it new challenges, co-operation between leading companies in this field is of the utmost importance.




Various topics were addressed during the meeting, including strategic partnerships, joint projects and initiatives aimed at improving and expanding the services of both companies. The discussions showed that both parties are interested in working more closely together to capitalise on their respective strengths and grow together.


Klueh Security Mitarbeiter mit Funkgerät vor Firmenwagen


Michael and Sebastian Kulig emphasised how important it is for their company to work with an experienced and renowned partner like Klüh Security. Sven Horstmann, for his part, explained that the expertise and innovative thinking of the Kulig brothers is a valuable addition to the further development and expansion of Klüh Security.


Klüh Security Logo


The meeting ended with the common understanding that both companies will work closely together in the coming months to strengthen their business relationships and consolidate their market position. It was agreed to hold regular meetings to monitor the progress of joint projects and explore new opportunities for co-operation.


Klüh Security Sicherheit bei Veranstaltungen wie Fußballspielen im Stadion


Overall, this day was a day of great significance for both companies. It marked the beginning of a promising partnership that will benefit not only the companies involved, but also the security industry as a whole.



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