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The fairy tale of 1001 nights or COREDINATE travels to Saudi Arabia

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Together with my esteemed colleague, Alan Thornton, our accomplished sales representative for the international market, I am preparing for a business initiation trip to Saudi Arabia. This is being organized by trAIDe in cooperation with the German government and will take us to Saudi Arabia from November 5 to 10. Together with 11 other German security companies, including Burg-Wächter AG, Scharfe-Sicht GmbH and Secoserv GmbH, we are expected in Riyadh, the country's vibrant capital. There, meetings with about seven potential business partners are scheduled. We will also receive a sound introduction to the art of doing business in Saudi Arabia.

November 5 till 11, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

I am impressed by the dynamic change in the country. The resumption of political and economic relations with the West has repositioned Saudi Arabia on the world stage. The country's immense energy reserves, coupled with its persistent sunshine, offer immense opportunities. Despite political controversies, the international community recognizes Saudi Arabia's potential. This is also reflected in the growing importance of Saudi Aramco (the largest oil production company with corporate headquarters in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia), which is currently the most valuable company in the world.


Our innovative Guard patrol monitoring system has already caused a stir in the Arab market. With its versatile features, including our intuitive duty scheduling module, it offers valuable solutions for security companies, guard and plant security, and facility management companies. Our goal is to gain a stronger foothold in this promising region and build sustainable business relationships.

During our stay, we will be accommodated in the renowned Warwick Cantonal Hotel and the joint events will also take place there. In addition to the official business meetings, however, there is also time planned for sightseeing, which I am of course particularly looking forward to, and hope to get to know the country and its people better.


The capital Riyadh impresses with its futuristic skyline and traditional architecture that reflects the country's long history. Nightlife, although not comparable to Western standards, is characterized by a mix of traditional events and modern influences. In recent years, Saudi Arabia has made considerable progress in terms of business reforms and women's rights. In particular, women's participation in the labor market and in public life has increased.


A highlight in Riyadh is the Faisaliah Tower, an impressive architectural masterpiece. It is not only one of the tallest buildings in the city, but also a symbol of the country's rapid economic and cultural progress. With its unique diamond-shaped spire, it offers a breathtaking view of the city and represents Saudi Arabia's vision and ambitions in the 21st century.



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