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Lone Worker Protection

Lone Worker Protection

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Lone worker protection

Whether you work with security staff, care workers, engineers, facilities staff or any role where an employee may be placed in a vulnerable situation, having direct lines of communication and safety measures in place help you instill your duty of care. 
COREDINATE system will constantly monitor the activity of the worker and should there be an unusual period of inactivity, automatically send a welfare check notice or pre alarm. Where there is no response, the system will sound the alarm options. 

  • The actual device 
  • The dashboard 
  • Automatically send alert emails 
  • Telephone the appointed alarm service provider. Control room or pre-determined point of contact in case of emergency  

Wellfare safety check calls

For audited regular welfare checks, set the system tasks so the employee can regularly respond confirming their welfare, create alerts if they fail to check in.
With COREDINATE Lone Worker Protection, call check and panic button possibilities give better protection to your field based employees and the lines of communication to enable rapid response in case of an emergency.

Alarm Receiving Center

Within the portal, monitor live the location of your worker with LWP configured.

COREDINATE mit Totmannschaltung


"Panic button"

For additional protections, we supply and support the SONIM XP8 and Crosscall Action-X3 with built in panic button, should the patrol run into difficulty, simply depress the panic button and sound the alarms. The system will email the most recent GPS location point to assist in any search if required. 

COREDINATE mit Totmannschaltung

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