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How COREDINATE Supports You as a Site Security Manager

How COREDINATE Supports You as a Site Security Manager

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How COREDINATE Supports You as a Site Security Manager

As a Site Security Manager you are responsible for a number of organisational tasks. Wouldn’t it be helpful to have a software which supports you in completing these tasks? What if such software could take over most of these so that you can concentrate on your crucial work as a Site Security Manager?

Take a closer look at COREDINATE!

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You Start from Here

As a Site Security Manager you have to complete a wide range of tasks:

  • Keeping track of everything that is going on at your site
  • Leading your staff
  • Keeping in contact with your clients
  • Delegating tasks and monitoring their completion
  • Ensuring the safety of your personnel
  • Managing keys
  • Creating reports
  • Recording working hours
  • Guaranteeing a proper documetation

Fulfilling these responsibilities is not always easy, in particular as you often have to take on general tasks of your security staff. COREDINATE offers you as a Site Security Manager reliable support. Part of your duties can be fully completed by the software.



… is the central hub of the software. You as a Site Security Manager can plan tours via NFC- or GPS checkpoints or Beacons, and create forms from here. You delegate tasks, coordinate your staff, etc., all from the comfort of your desktop PC.

From the portal you as a Site Securits Manager also always have a complete overview. You see which guard is logged in to the COREDINATE App, you see all reported incidents and set off alarms and you always know which tasks were completed o rare still to be finished.

Be Close to Your Customers

You as a Site Security Manager are the contact person of your customers. You can facilitate communication by allowing them access to the COREDINATE portal. This way, your customers can view the necessary information by themselves.

You can also use the COREDINATE portal to automatically send reports in a set intervall to your customers. They will receive the desired data fully automated and regularly without the need of a customer access.

The COREDINATE Ticket System

This function allows you to plan and monitor complex processes with different staff members involved. With the COREDINATE Ticket System, you as a Site Security Manager can create tasks with sub-tasks and assign them to different people.

Safekeep Keys With COREDINATE

COREDINATE‘s Key Management makes lost keys a thing of the past. Every handing over, every movement of a key which you have recorded in the COREDINATE portal, will be transparent and properly documented.

If you ever found a key which is not immediately identifiable, the COREDINATE key seal is your solution. This additional protection does not only secure every key ring, the attached NFC tag also ensures that every seal can be identified via one simple scan.

Your Staff Members Are Safe

If you use COREDINATE, you get a personal alarm signal system in adherence to regulations by the VDE Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies. The COREDINATE portal thereby functions as a emergency call receiving centre, the work phone of your guard as a alarm signal device. This is how the COREDINATE Lone Worker Protection works:

The COREDINATE app on your guard’s work phone sets of a pre-alarm if your employee has been logged off for more than the pre-set timeframe. If your guard does not deactivate the pre-alarm, emergeny procedure are initiated. An audible alarm sound facilitates finding your staff member. If desired, COREDINATE sends you as a Site Security Manager or as the emergency call receiving centre the last known GPS location of your guard. In addition, a voice connection is established. You as Site Security Manager always remain capable of acting and can immediately initiate the necessary rescue operations.

Consistent Documentation and Reporting

Documentation is a necessary side task of your work as a Site Security Manager. It’s a good thing that COREDINATE can take over this task from you!

With the Digital Guardbook function all information is documented automatically, whether it is checkpoint scans, working hours and/or the time spent in a specific checkpoint area, incidents, forms, etc. You can concentrate on you crucial tasks as a Site Security Manager and in the meantime COREDINATE documents all necessary data.

To further simplify your documentation, you can use COREDINATE’s Flexibe Forms. Any paper form can be re-created digitally with COREDINATE. You as a Site Security Manager do not have to decipher handwriting anymore, your staff members give consistent information about incidents, tasks, etc., and the completed forms are automatically saved in the guardbook.


Were we able to convince you that COREDINATE can take over some of your work as a Site Security Manager? – Either way, you can test COREDINATE for 14 days for free and with all its functions. This way, you can let yourself be fully convinced of our innovative assistance system.

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