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How Can COREDINATE Support You With Your Plant Security Tasks?

How Can COREDINATE Support You With Your Plant Security Tasks?

How Can COREDINATE Support You With Your Plant Security Tasks?

COREDINATE offers you a great variety of features which can support you with your plant security tasks. Let us show you some examples.

Plant Security Tasks with COREDINATE

Your tasks as a plant security business are diverse, but most of the time you and your colleagues work in a greater industrial area. These oftentimes wide-ranging areas come with their own unique requirements for you as a security employee.

It’s a good thing that COREDINATE offers you many useful features which you can use for your plant security tasks in order to ease your workload.

COREDINATE Guard Tour Monitoring for Your Plant Security Tasks

The essential thing for a successful shift is planning beforehand. COREDINATE’s Guard Tour Monitoring brings a structure to your plant security tasks.

Via the COREDINATE Portal, you can plan your guard tours via NFC, GPS or Bluetooth checkpoints. These checkpoints are the cornerstones of your tours, the important checkpoints your employees have to head for in any case. They are the basis of the COREDINATE technology. You can link any other feature of COREDINATE to these checkpoints.

You therefore make sure that everything goes according to plan during your shift. No task will be missed and you or your team members on site always know where they have be and what their next task is.

COREDINATE Digital Guardbook for Your Plant Security Tasks

Documentation might not be your main task but it certainly is an important part of your daily workload. If anything goes wrong with documenting your work, this means overtime and extra work for you or your staff members. You can prevent that with COREDINATE.

Our feature COREDINATE Digital Guardbook helps you fulfill your plant security tasks by documenting everything important during your shift as your „digital secretary“. Completed tasks, recorded incidents, key management – anything you once had to document manually or with the help of additional equipment can now be managed by COREDINATE alone.

The reports you can create with the collected information can be sent to your customers automatically via the COREDINATE Portal.

COREDINATE Incident Reporting for Your Plant Security Tasks

If you have to report any incidents during your shift, documentation has to be immediate and properly communicated to your surperior or customer. COREDINATE supports you with its feature Incident Reporting.

Report incidents in a simple and fast way with only your smartphone. True to the motto: „A picture is worth a thousand words“, the COREDINATE Incident Reporting feature even lets you use your smartphone’s camera. No questions will remain unanswered and you can ensure fast decisions of your Site Security Managers or customers.

If you booked the additional feature COREDINATE Flexible Forms, you can create individual forms for incident reporting, and make sure you get all the information you need.

COREDINATE Key Management for Your Plant Security Tasks

As a security employee working in plant security, part of your work is to manage and hand out keys. COREDINATE can support you with that.

The COREDINATE Key Management feature records any movement of any registered key. All you need is a smartphone which lets you document any transfer or receipt of keys. In case you use the COREDINATE Key Seal, your key chains will be secured additionally. Keys can no longer be removed unnoticed.



If this small taste of COREDINATE’s possibilities wasn’t enough to convince you that our innovative assistance system is the perfect support for completing your plant security tasks, then you can test COREDINATE for 14 days for free and with all its features. You will not enter any obilgation while enjoying the full flexibility and freedom of choice.

Just order your individual testset.

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