Ticket system and flexible dashboards

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Fuller Sicherheit

  • COREDINATE already in use for a while
  • Introduction of the ticket system function
  • Also interesting: Flexible dashboard

Used COREDINATE features

  • Ticket system
  • Flexible dashboard

The initial situation

Hermann Fuller is the managing director of the security service Fuller Sicherheit and employs about 15 people. He has been using the COREDINATE assistance system for two years now.

Since the rounds of his customers and the associated tasks of his employees are becoming more and more extensive, Hermann Fuller is now looking for a way to map the numerous activities of his employees clearly and with COREDINATE. A call to COREDINATE Support draws his attention to the ticket system function, which was newly introduced some time ago. With it, Hermann Fuller can list all the tasks of his employees and assign them individually.

Another interesting feature for him is the Flexible Dashboard, which has been customizable for some time. This means that Hermann Fuller ultimately only sees the information he really needs and can compile the functions he uses into an individual overview.

Everyday work with COREDINATE

Due to the solid cooperation, Security Fuller's customer has added many tasks to the tour in recent weeks. Hermann Fuller can use the ticket system to make these accessible and editable for his employees.

In order not to lose track of the flood of tasks and activities, Hermann Fuller also wants to create a flexible dashboard in the COREDINATE portal, with which he can follow the newly created tasks from the ticket system live.


Ticket system

The COREDINATE ticket system works via so-called tasks and processes, which are stored centrally for the entire company. However, the individual processes are only visible to the employees with the corresponding authorization.

The operations are assigned the tasks that Hermann Fuller's employees must complete during their rounds. Different tasks within an operation or process can be assigned to one or different employees. These are informed by e-mail that tasks have been assigned to them.

Individual tasks of a process can be individually started, paused or marked as completed. Restarting a task is also possible without any problems as long as a task as a whole has not yet been completed.

Events and files can also be attached to processes. This is useful if a process is to be started from an event capture, e.g. to report damage.


Flexible dashboard

The standard dashboard of COREDINATE shows all functions with their status values. However, this is too confusing for Hermann Fuller, moreover, he and his employees do not use all functions of COREDINATE on a regular basis, so that some values are completely uninteresting for him.

A Flexible Dashboard can be populated with the widgets, i.e. the COREDINATE functions, that are of interest to Hermann Fuller. In his case, these are primarily the tours, events and tasks of his employees, whose progress Hermann Fuller wants to follow live.

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The widgets can be adjusted in height and width, and Hermann Fuller can also adjust their order according to his preferences by dragging them.

Widgets can also be individualized via filters:


In order for Hermann Fuller to have his Flexible Dashboard displayed at startup and not continue to have the standard dashboard, the Flexible Dashboard created must be saved as a favorite. This will then always be loaded as soon as Hermann Fuller logs into the COREDINATE Portal.



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