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Parking garage management "Clever Parking"

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The initial situation

Stefan Meerburg runs the parking service Clever Parking. His employees, including Sandra Bauer, are reliable and receptive to your managing director's ambition to provide the company with digital support to optimize some of its business processes. There is still room for improvement, especially in the reliable processing of daily tasks during the shift. It happens more often than not that tasks are forgotten, because the confusing paperwork is not only outdated, but above all confusing and error-prone.

Another challenge for Stefan Meerburg and his team is the documentation of incidents. Damaged vehicles, parking violations and other incidents have to be reported promptly, but also neatly documented. This activity in particular generates an immense amount of follow-up work, as employees on site often don't know exactly what information they need to record or because they lack an overview during particularly busy shifts.

The third major challenge for Clever Parking is the protection of employees working alone during night shifts, for example. These shifts are generally rather unpopular, because working alone is not only an additional stress factor for Meerburg's employees, but above all a health risk. In the event of incidents, employees are often left to their own devices, and in the event of an emergency, it is not always possible to guarantee rapid assistance.

Everyday work with COREDINATE

With CORDINATE, Stefan Meerburg has found the perfect companion for himself and his employees. As a modern app on the Android smartphone with NFC function, he doesn't even have to buy a lot of new equipment for this, but can rely for the most part on the existing company cell phones.

COREDINATE passes the practical test: With a simple scan of the checkpoint attached to the checkout machine, the digital assistant reliably reminds Meerburg's employee Sandra Bauer of all tasks that are due. These include: Is the machine working properly? Does the paper need to be refilled? Is there enough change or does the machine need to be emptied? With the digital checklist, Sandra Bauer can easily prove that she has completed everything or request an explanation for any items that remain open.

As she continues her tour, Ms. Bauer documents a wrong-way parker using the event recording function. In doing so, she records the non-damage to the vehicle with several photos before the towing service removes the parking offender all digitally and without much effort. With the exact time, she has reliable proof if there is a dispute with the parking offender later.

The fact that the rounds usually take place alone and regularly even at night has become much safer with COREDINATE. If an employee is no longer actively working in the app for a set period of time, the integrated lone worker protection first triggers a pre-alarm. If this is not deactivated, the emergency occurs: an audible alarm tone serves to make it easier to find the person who may have been injured. At the same time, a voice connection is established to the emergency signal receiving center. In this case, it is Stefan Meerburg himself, who follows all tours in real time from the COREDINATE portal. If desired, he can also have the last scanned checkpoint or the last known GPS location sent to him by e-mail.

Stefan Meerburg and his team were able to make the leap into the digital age effortlessly with the introduction of COREDINATE. Even the night shifts have become more popular. There are hardly any forgotten or lost tasks that have to be added after the end of the shift, and if there are, it is done quickly and easily from the COREDINATE portal. All in all, all Clever Parking employees have become more satisfied.



Creating and assigning tasks is child's play with COREDINATE. All activities of the daily routine are created centrally via the COREDINATE portal and the COREDINATE app reliably reminds the employees on site of every stored detail. This happens either concentrated when entering the workplace or "in portions", depending on which checkpoint area your employee is currently in. In this case, only the tasks that are relevant for the respective area are displayed.

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Event logging

Whether it is wrong parking or damage with COREDINATE event recording, all incidents during a tour can be documented spontaneously, but reliably and cleanly. Via the photo function of the duty cell phone, the events can be recorded without any doubt and in case typing in the additional information takes too long, you can also use the dictation function of COREDINATE. With this, the COREDINATE app takes over the verbal report as writing for the corresponding event.

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Lone worker protection

Neither day nor night shifts cause any more stomachaches when employees are working alone on site. COREDINATE offers a VDE-compliant personal emergency signal system consisting of a personal emergency signal receiving center in the form of the COREDINATE portal and a portable personal emergency signal device in the form of the COREDINATE app on the duty cell phone.

In this way, you or your employees are always covered and you, as the employer, are always able to act in the event of an emergency.


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