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Security service Cingi

  • Mesud Cingi is managing director
  • Many of its customers regularly request reports
  • A conversation with COREDINATE support draws attention to the automated sending of evaluations

Used COREDINATE functions

  • Evaluations

The initial situation

Mesud Cingi has been running his company successfully for years. He became aware of COREDINATE through an advertisement on Google and has been a satisfied customer for quite some time. His team uses the online guard control system OWKS® gladly and reliably and so the daily work routine has been simplified considerably overall.

Only one request from customers still challenges Mesud Cingi and his team: Many customers want to be regularly informed about what happens during the security guards' shifts, which means that Mesud Cingi regularly sits in his office after hours and compiles evaluations of the tours in order to send them to his customers. Another solution is needed.

Everyday work with COREDINATE

A phone call to the COREDINATE support team has always helped Mesud Cingi, so he tries it again this time. In doing so, he realizes that he has overlooked a very crucial function of COREDINATE in the abundance of features. With COREDINATE, evaluations and their dispatch can be automated.

Mesud Cingi is thrilled. This saves him the tedious compilation and also the sending of reports. In the future, COREDINATE can do all that for him.Evaluations, reports, documentation, KPIs, figures


Create reports, OWKS, digital communication, digitization, evaluation

In the COREDINATE portal, Mesud Cingi can create a specially tailored report for each customer under the menu item "Reports". In doing so, he can select not only the basis on which the report is to be created, i.e. on which COREDINATE function the focus is to be (e.g. control points or events), but also which period each individual report is to cover. In Mesud Cingi's case, this varies from customer to customer.

Mesud Cingi can design the report the way each individual customer wants it. This means he can individually compile what information should be included in a report. With a few clicks, he can exclude the information that is not important by moving it to the "inactive columns" window.

Create reports, OWKS, document, report, digital communication, digitization

The automatic dispatch of reports is set at the end. The system uses dispatch rules, which Mesud Cingi can also set individually. For example, he can use the "Configure rhythm" option to choose from the predefined options when the report he is currently working on should be sent: once, daily, weekly, monthly, or only once a year.

Create reports, repetition rule, OWKS, digital communication, digitization

In the last step, Mesud Cingi can determine to which e-mail address the report should be sent. In this step, he can also compose the e-mail message in which he can inform his customers that the e-mail is the requested report.

Create reports, email, OWKS, send, digital communication, digitization

In this way, Mesud Cingi only has to take time to create the reports once and does not have to worry about the issue afterwards. From now on COREDINATE creates all reports automatically according to the settings made and sends them according to the created shipping rule completely without Mesud Cingi's intervention.

Mesud Cingi was reminded of an important additional feature of our innovative assistance system via a short phone call to COREDINATE support. This allowed him to simplify a large part of his work, freeing up time for other tasks.


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