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COREDINATE Outdoes Any Guardbook Template

COREDINATE Outdoes Any Guardbook Template

COREDINATE Outdoes Any Guardbook Template

This is well-searched in different forums, but many searches are futile: A guardbook template would make (work) life much easier for many security service providers. To get such a template is a whole different story, however. Free examples from the internet are often not sufficient to individual needs, fee-based guardbook templates can get quite expensive fast.

So, what should you as a security service provider do to receive an aesthetically pleasing and solid template for your guardbook? – Yes, you are right. You should choose to work with COREDINATE!

By using t​​​​he feature Digital Guardbook, you not only move with the times, but also receive an automated and complete documentation of your or your employees work. You tasks concerning your guardbook will therefore become a side issue which will cost you only little time. Declare war on red tape!

This is What you can Do with the COREDINATE Guardbook Template

The COREDINATE Digital Guardbook acts as your "digital secretary". Everything that happens during your shift, e. g. scanned checkpoints, completed tasks, reported incidents, will be documented automatically and saved in the COREDINATE Portal. You or your team members do not have to gather information manually.

After completing your shift with COREDINATE, you have to put as little effort in your guardbook template as at the beginning. If you would like to export your documentation from the COREDINATE Portal, for example because your customer asked you to, then you receive a neat and complete PDF file with just a few clicks which you can send to your customer without hesitation.

Your customers regularly ask for access to your guardbook? – No problem with COREDINATE! Via the COREDINATE Portal, you can adjust your settings in order to automatically send your guardbook to your customers via e-mail. Your customers receive their regular updates without you having to lift a single finger.

You do not want to send all guardbook entries? – Your solution lies in the extensive filter options of your new COREDINATE guardbook template. You can create your own reports which adhere to your individual preferences.



Apart from COREDINATE Digital Guardbook, our Workforce Management System offers many more usefull features for your security service. You can test COREDINATE for 14 days for free and with all its functions. You can order your individual testset.

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