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COREDINATE Digital Guardbook: Your Personal Secretary in the Form of a Smartphone

COREDINATE Digital Guardbook: Your Personal Secretary in the Form of a Smartphone


COREDINATE Digital Guardbook: Your Personal Secretary in the Form of a Smartphone

In almost every modern profession, the documentation of your tasks is an important part of your daily work. Quite often you hardly have any time during your daily business or other taks get put last. Wouldn't it be nice to have someone or something who or which could release you of documentation work?

A digital guardbook is standard for many security services, and rightly so. This "digital secretary" can release you of many taks, and in a reliable and safe manner. One example is the COREDINATE feature Digital Guardbook.

What is the COREDINATE Digital Guardbook Capable of?

COREDINATE is an innovative assistance system which you can use from the comfort of your desktop PC and with a (ideally NFC compatible) smartphone. Our online Workforce Management System OWKS® offers a number of functions, e. g. the Digital Guardbook which records all processes during your guard tour.

Reportet incidents, completed tasks, working hours, checkpoint scans – COREDINATE Digital Guardbook documents every information you need for documentation at the end of your shift. If you need to write a report for your company or for your customers, this can be done with only a few mouse clicks, as detailed or as short as you wish.

Functions Connected to the COREDINATE Digital Guardbook

Your personal secretary notes down all important processes during your guard tour. These processes can be as diverse as your tasks as a security employee. So, COREDINATE offers you a number of additional little helpers which can facilitate your work.

COREDINATE Digital Guardbook

Your Digital Guardbook records all Checkpoint Scans which you scan during your shift. These checkpoints are the basis of COREDINATE's technology and must be installed at your customer's facility and activated via the COREDINATE Portal. They hold all information, documents and data files which you will need on-site, e. g. work instructions, tasks, etc.

All incidents which you report during your shift will be documented with the COREDINATE function Incident Reporting. You cannot only report incidents in writing but also visually with the photo function of your work phone. If you do not want to write the attached text description by yourself, you can also let COREDINATE write it for you by using the dictation function.

Your working hours will be documented as detailed as you like. This means, you can save more than just your overall hours. If you wish, the time you spend in a specific checkpoint area will be recorded as well. This makes Timekeeping as detailed as you wish.

Your Digital Guardbook serves as proof of your completed Tasks. As all tasks which you need to fulfil during your guard tour will be documented in the guardbook, you can easily show proof of the time and date of every completed task.

All this extensive information can easily be converted into Reports with COREDINATE Digital Guardbook which you can then send to your customers. These reports can be as detailled as your or your customers wish.

Another gimmick while working with COREDINATE is the automated sending of reports. Via the COREDINATE Portal you can create mail-order rules which instruct the system to send certain reports in a pre-defined rhythm to a set e-mail adress. This saves you time and increases your efficiency!


These are the functions connected to the COREDINATE Digital Guardbook. COREDINATE offers some more functions which you can perfectly use for your work as a security employee.

You can test COREDINATE for 14 days for free and without committment. Just order your personal test set!

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