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Security Guard Winner 2018

Markus Bernat

Markus Bernat Special Security Services Deutschland SSSD GmbH, is the Security Employee of the Year 2018. He first convinced the jury and later 51.6% of the voters (693 votes) in the public voting. Manfred Meisterjahn came second with 260 votes (19.4%) and Simon Schlecht third with 229 votes (17.1%).

Markus Bernat
48 Jahre, Bergheim
Security advisor for events
Special Security Services Deutschland SSSD GmbH
Work experience: 29 years
Professional qualifications: Plant security specialist, chemical technician

Read more about Markus Bernat and the jury's opinion below.

As a security consultant, Markus Bernat looks after national and international artists on tours through Europe as well as other large and small events. He coordinates, advises and helps local companies, authorities, the fire brigade and police. Also due to his perfect knowledge of English, he can easily take care of events in Europe and with international artists. The well-being of spectators and visitors is particularly close to his heart. Due to his collegial behaviour, his professional competence and his readiness for action, he is held in high esteem by all those involved.

Why we think a prize would be appropriate:

Crowd management is an essential and highly sensitive field of security. Wrong decisions can have fatal consequences, which then always affect many people at once. Negative examples have been reported in the media time and again. In the opinion of the jury and the two nominators, the ability to always remain calm and to carry out one's tasks with aplomb in such a responsible field deserves respect. In addition, to be appreciated by all participants at events and to be seen with pleasure is also a great distinction. But also the high level of commitment and customer orientation are not always a matter of course in the industry. With the nomination of Markus Bernat, we would like to open our eyes not least to the levers that have to be operated unnoticed in the background to enable guests to have a pleasant and safe event.







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