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Interview with Kim-Jacqueline Anhäuser, Security Officer 2019

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With the Security Employee of the Year Award (m/f/d), we, COREDINATE, and the Bundesverband mittelständischer Sicherheitsunternehmen e. V. (Federal Association of Medium-Sized Security Companies) have set ourselves the goal of conveying some appreciation to security personnel. Their work is an important part of our society and should therefore be honoured accordingly. We are now awarding the prize for the fourth time and even though last year's award ceremony had to be cancelled due to the COVID 19 pandemic, this year we will not miss the opportunity to select a security employee of the year (m/f/d) again.

To mark the occasion, we talked in more detail about this award with the reigning Safety Employee of the Year 2019, Kim-Jacqueline Anhäuser.


What is the special attraction for you as a security guard?

Every operation or event has its own special charm. But first and foremost, it's about ensuring safety in every respect, and that always has a certain appeal for me. It's important to me to always give 100 % in my job and that requires absolute professionalism and attention. That means that even if it looks from the outside as if I'm just making small talk with a guest, I always have the overall situation in mind.

No matter whether at the door, in personal protection or at a mass event - it is always about having a feeling for people and the situation in order to be able to react and act either preventively or in an escalation. I am always highly sensitive to what is happening around me when I am on duty. I enjoy working with people and it always makes me very happy when someone thanks us for the good job we do.

What do you like most about the security profession?

What I value most is dealing with people in any situation, and the good feeling when an assignment has been successful and there have been no serious incidents. Working with a great team and nice clients is also important to me. I am happy to be able to convey a feeling of security.

Are you proud of the Safety Employee of the Year Award? What does the award mean to you?

Of course I am proud to have won the award. For me, it means that I have probably done my job quite well over the last 13 years and that one or two people have confirmed this by voting for me.

Of course, I am also pleased that I, as a female security guard, received this award. I have had to prove myself more than once and have had to work hard for my standing in the industry.

How important do you think the Safety Employee of the Year Award is?

I feel the award is an important appreciation and recognition for everyone who deserves it in our industry. Unfortunately, it is rare that security workers are met with recognition and appreciation. I was all the more pleased to receive the award.

Has the award had a positive impact on your professional reputation?

I wouldn't say I was positively influenced, but rather that I was approached more often about the award and congratulated for it. I was often approached because people found my CV interesting and wanted to ask me one or two questions about it.

The award ceremony in Munich at that time gave me the opportunity to have many good conversations and an interesting exchange with experts from our industry.

Apply to be the Security Officer of the Year 2021 (m/f/d) or nominate a colleague!

Until 15 April 2021, you still have the chance to nominate yourself or a colleague for the title of Security Employee of the Year 2021 (m/f/d). After that, the jury will select three to five finalists for whom you can vote online. The award ceremony for the Security Officer of the Year 2021 will take place on 11 June 2021 in Berlin or at an online award ceremony.

We look forward to your participation or suggestion!







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