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Always Safe With the Dead Man's App COREDINATE

Always Safe With the Dead Man's App COREDINATE


With the Dead Man's App COREDINATE You Are Always Safe

Whether you work in maintenance or in the security industry, your employees often work alone or in unclear surroundings. Working at night is a given for security employees, even. Situations like these call for an optimal safety of your staff as it becomes your most important task as their superior. You should therefore count on a reliable partner.

With COREDINATE as a Dead Man's App you get a VDE-compliant personal emergency signal system (PNA) with which your employees are safe in every situation. The app on your employees mobile device functions as a personal alarm signal device (PNG), the COREDINATE Portal, which you or your employees use from their desktop, as an emergency call receiving centre (PNEZ).


How Does COREDINATE as a Dead Man's App Work?

Wth the Dead Man's App COREDINATE you have two options to set off an alarm. You can set off an intentional alarm or the app sets it off automatically if certain preconditions apply.

Intentional Alarm with the Dead Man's App COREDINATE

In case your employee is still capable of setting off an emergency signal, this can be done by pressing the emergency button on the mobile phone. Such a button is a prerequisite for a functional PNA, so it is not part of the Dead Man's App COREDINATE but rather the mobile device in use. You should therefore make sure you have or buy a mobile device with such a button if you want to use COREDINATE's Lone Worker Protection with all its functions.

Automatic Alarm with the Dead Man's App COREDINATE

Before using the COREDINATE Lone Worker Protection, you define an alarm profile via the COREDINATE Portal (functions as PNEZ). This profile holds information about the adequate inactivity for the usage of the Dead Man's App COREDINATE. If this inactivity time is  exceeded, your employee will be asked to log in again by the COREDINATE App. This pre-alarm must be deactivated manually which makes an active internet connection necessary.

If your employee does not deactivate the pre-alarm, the Dead Man's App COREDINATE sets off another alarm after further 30 seconds. This alarm contains a voice connection to your PNEZ. If you wish, the app even sends you the last known GPS location or checkpoint scan via e-mail. This enables you to narrow down the search area for the possibly injured employee.

What to Consider When Using the Dead Man's App COREDINATE

The Dead Man's App COREDINATE is a reliable tool for the safety of your employees, in particular in regards of the automatic alarm system which exceeds the statutory requirements. Still, there are some limitation which you should take into consideration:

  • Some mobile devices do have an emergency button but their function is set by the manufacturer. This means, you cannot individualize its use i. e. connect the Dead Man's App COREDINATE with it. In this case you can still use the automatic alarm system for the safety of your employees.
  • The COREDINATE Lone Worker Protection is an automatic switch system, which means a pre-set number will be dialed in case of emergency. Please note that, in Germany, it is prohibited to use public emergency numbers for such services.

If you take these aspects into consideration, nothing stands in your way of using the Dead Man's App COREDINATE. You can rely on it for the safety of your employees at all times during their patrol, and you will always be able to act in case of an emergency.



Exceeding the services of Lone Worker Protection, the Dead Man's App COREDINATE has some more useful functions for your industry. You can test COREDINATE for 14 days for free and with all its functions.

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