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Happy Customers


Happy Customers

Checkpoint scans per month


Checkpoint scans per month

Incident reportings per month


Incident reportings per month


COREDINATE is company name and product in one, a modern online workforce management system that leaves nothing to be desired. As one of the most comprehensive and innovative SaaS workforce management systems (Software as a Service) for security companies and facility management, COREDINATE offers countless possibilities for logging your work, automating your processes and recording mobile services transparently and securely. This is particularly important for public tenders, but clients (i.e.our customers' clients) also want to know whether what they have commissioned has been carried out according to their wishes. And that's exactly where we come in!

With our workforce management system, a supervisor can use the COREDINATE portal to create inspection tours for individual properties to be guarded and define the shift schedules for their employees. The security staff then carry out these patrols using a smartphone and the COREDINATE app. The app shows exactly where the employee has to go and what tasks they have to fulfil there. Incidents can be documented using the mobile phone camera, a dictation function or typed text. GPS tracking and an alarm function provide the necessary protection for colleagues working alone.

COREDINATE coordinates your workday!

Optimise your processes to ensure your quality. Ensure that your customers are satisfied with you. COREDINATE automates all your daily tasks and optimises monitoring.

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Whether you need guard tours, patrol planning, task management, incident recording, duty rosters or  provide detailed reporting for clients and management teams – COREDINATE offers you this and much more.

There are workforce management systems and there is COREDINATE. Other systems control your employees – COREDINATE gives them the tools to make them better.

What does guard tour system actually mean?

The term workforce management system refers to a an industry specific software to monitor and control operations and operatives. Proof of presence by recording specific patrol points at specific locations whether on mobile patrol or static guarding. Map out guard tours, schedule tasks, record and document all actions and activities. 

Traditionally guard control systems usually consisted of: mobile data collectors (as you can see in the picture on the right), control points, devices for programming and reading the mobile devices and transferring collected data to the computer, and software for managing and documenting the collected data. A time consuming, cumbersome and site based which needed to be dome manually. 

Nowadays, online workforce management systems, such as COREDINATE, consist of smartphones that prove presence at GPS points, NFC tags or similar. You do not need any additional devices for reading. The data is transferred to a server in real time and can be accessed immediately from any device, any location. 

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How much does a guard tour system cost?

To the price overview 


Test COREDINATE patrol management free of charge and without obligation.

Test, challenge and evaluate with a fully supported 14 day trial period of our guard patrol system. Compare the results against your key requirements and we are confident that you will see the value that COREDINATE brings. 

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There is no obligation, after the trial period, any and all data collected can be deleted by you from the system portal. You may keep the test set, no return shipping necessary and file it for the future.
Alternatively, after the trial period, simply activate the account and continue to COREDINATE. 

What COREDINATE offers

  • Real-time functions & communication

  • Secure NFC technology

  • Simple & clear user interface

  • Maintenance free infrastructure

  • 99.99 % availability of the data

  • Highest data security
    (Server location Germany)

  • GPS location

  • Guardbook & Reporting

  • Central document processing

  • Device independence (Android and iOS)

  • Duty roster function

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All COREDINATE functions explained

Find out how the COREDINATE workforce management system makes your everyday life easier as an advanced assistance tool. Developed by the security industry for the security industry, the numerous functions support you and your employees at work, ensuring safety and more efficient processes.

All functions

Some of our customers

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Miele ist ein angesehener Hersteller von Haushaltsgeräten, der für seine herausragende Qualität und Zuverlässigkeit bekannt ist.



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