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Workforce Management

COREDINATE is a fully integrated, professional and innovative solution for companies that want to optimize their operational processes. With COREDINATE Workforce Management Systems, you make your work more efficient, more cost-effective and more controlled. Easily enhance the service you provide to your clients. Digitally track guards, tours and checkpoints with real-time activity reporting.

  • Real-time features and real-time communication
  • Safe NFC technology
  • Simple & clear user interface
  • Maintenance-free infrastructure
  • 99.9% accessible data
  • Maximum data security (server location Germany)
  • GPS location
  • Guardbook and reporting
  • Central processing of documents
  • Device-independent (Android and iOS)
TÜV SÜDMade in Germany Cloud Services GIT Award Ausbildungsbetrieb

COREDINATE in a Nutshell


COREDINATE is your perfect Workforce Management System. Our innovative software solution helps security service providers efficiently manage patrols, tasks and all aspects of security guarding. COREDINATE accomplishes this by delivering your security business a reliable software with a great variety of market-leading and unique features.

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Within the fields of security, healthcare, logistics, facilities there is a demand from clients for proof of presence, proof of service and increased accountability. See how our clients monitor, control and report on all tours, tasks, activities and provide detailed reporting to their clients and stakeholders.

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