What is a workforce management system?

We explain briefly and clearly everything you need to know about our online workforce management system!

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A workforce management system records and documents the work of a service provider in the security sector. In contrast to old-fashioned manual recording, this system uses mobile data readers, scan points and software. This records special incidents or services provided. An employee uses a device – a normal mobile phone, for example – to scan so-called checkpoints on their tour. This records data such as time, location and event. The collected data enables a security company to provide its customers with transparent and complete proof of all services provided. COREDINATE is a workforce management system, which has many features that make the work of security staff easier and safer.

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What is a workforce management system?

A workforce management system is like an electronic diary for security personnel. It uses special cards or devices to track where the guard is currently walking his patrol. The system records when and where the guard checks certain points. If something is wrong or omitted, the system reports it.

💡 In short: A workforce management system is a technology that helps security personnel to make their rounds and not forget any important places.

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How does a workforce management system work?

A workforce management system uses special cards or devices that a security guard carries with them during their rounds. Checkpoints are then placed in the property to be guarded, for example as NFCs. When the guard checks certain points, he scans them and the system uses the cards or devices to record the time and location in real time. The collected data is then stored in a cloud, for example. This means it can be accessed quickly and easily at any time. If the security guard deviates from a round or skips a point, the system reports this as a deviation.  

💡 In short: The workforce management system uses special cards or devices. It reads checkpoints and saves data in a cloud in real time. This ensures that the tours are carried out regularly and without errors.

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Why is a workforce management system important?

A workforce management system makes work easier and increases security. A guard can ensure that he covers all planned locations during his inspection round. He can also use it to check and improve his performance. In an emergency, the system allows a quick response because it recognizes and reports irregularities immediately.

💡 In short: A workforce management system makes a security guard's job easier, as it documents processes and sounds the alarm if irregularities occur.

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Which problems does a workforce management system solve?

  1. Control: It helps to ensure that security guards cover all planned areas during their inspection round.
  2. Optimization: Workflows can be planned and executed more efficiently, saving time and effort.
  3. Documentation: It enables accurate documentation, allowing irregularities or omissions to be detected immediately.
  4. Automation: Human error can be avoided thanks to many default settings and functions. At the same time, complete documentation is guaranteed. Consistent adherence to protocols also increases security.
  5. Safety: It improves the response time to emergencies, as the system provides immediate notification of deviations and potential problems.
  6. Proof of performance: The work performance of security personnel can be transparently tracked.

💡 In short: A workforce management system helps to ensure reliable and professional security monitoring. It makes the work of security personnel easier and also ensures greater safety during rounds. Automation and documentation prevent human error and ensure a complete work record.

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Where is a workforce management system used?

An online workforce management system is used in various locations. Examples include company buildings and premises, public spaces and facilities, areas at events, parking lots, road traffic protection and even in the military. It ensures that guard patrols are carried out regularly and that all important areas are covered, thus minimizing potential risks.

💡 In short: workforce management systems are therefore used wherever regular rounds by security personnel are important in order to increase the security of buildings, squares or facilities.

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COREDINATE – workforce management system

The online workforce management system uses checkpoint scans that can be easily carried out with NFC-enabled smartphones and the COREDINATE app. Due tasks, such as checklists, are displayed and can be ticked off by the team. This means that a security guard no longer needs a traditional guard book on his rounds, as everything is recorded digitally. COREDINATE beacons can also be used for patrols. The team leader then has a live view from the PC, can document things such as damage to property directly and can even intervene if necessary, as the data is sent in real time.

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Happy Customers

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Checkpoint scans per month

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Incident reportings per month

On which end devices does COREDINATE work?

Laptop and desktop PC monitors show COREDINATE

Desktop PC and Laptops

Clearly organised on laptop and desktop PC

You will find everything you need to use the workforce management system in the online portal. COREDINATE provides a clear overview and numerous functions to help you with your work.

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Easy planning on a tablet

For more flexibility, COREDINATE allows you to plan conveniently and clearly on a standard tablet with an iOS or Android operating system.

Smartphone login screen iOS and Android operating system

Smartphones with iOS or Android

On any smartphone with iOS or Android

COREDINATE can be used conveniently and flexibly on Android and iPhone. The app is particularly simple and innovative for good security management.

Use cases

In addition to traditional areas such as the security industry, a workforce management system can also be used in completely different organisations. As a modern tool for organising tasks and documenting incidents, there are many other possible use cases

COREDINATE is not only used by security companies, but is also used in many different sectors. Regularly recurring tasks or processes can be planned and documented in detail and without gaps using the guard control system. Some examples of where COREDINATE is also used are shown in our videos.

Fitness studio

A workforce management system can also be useful in fitness centres and other facilities. Here, for example, the maintenance of individual pieces of equipment or the regularity of tours can be documented by digitally recording events and tasks.

Parking management

A workforce management system can also be useful for better management of car parks or parking spaces. Tours and tasks can be planned, while events such as parking offences can be easily documented digitally.

Fire Protection

A workforce management system can also make work much easier when it comes to fire protection. Regular maintenance of devices equipped with a control point can be organised much more quickly and easily.

COREDINATE on various end devices

Our workforce management system clearly shows customers that your team is doing a good job. COREDINATE transparently documents what your employees are doing. It records who is present and what actions take place. This allows you to create easy-to-understand reports. Customers can see certain parts of the online portal if you give them access rights. This makes your services  more transparent for customers.

COREDINATE is more than just a normal workforce management system. It is a valuable aid to your team in their daily work!

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