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Quickly and conveniently view and coordinate workflows from anywhere.

Thanks to our app, you have the ability to easily view and manage the most important information regarding your work processes from anywhere. We help you increase the performance of your security personnel and ensure greater safety at work.





The COREDINATE Workforce Management app is a revolutionary system available on both major smartphone platforms, Android and iPhone. It combines innovation and user-friendliness to ensure optimal security management.
As a powerful mobile platform, the app offers a variety of features that significantly enhance the protection and monitoring of facilities. For example, it enables efficient key management and comprehensive workplace security. By using the latest GPS technology, the app provides precise real-time location data, improving the safety and performance of security personnel.
Furthermore, the COREDINATE Workforce management System app offers an intuitive file manager and a structured duty roster. These features contribute to increased efficiency by helping to organize workflows and manage documents with just a few clicks.
Overall, the COREDINATE app is a comprehensive guard control system that redefines the areas of security and monitoring. It offers a user-friendly, flexible, and effective solution for modern security requirements and their documentation.




A system for all needsIn the dynamic workday of security service providers, efficient and clear duty scheduling plays a central role. The duty roster from COREDINATE represents an innovative solution in this regard, seamlessly integrating into existing structures.
Whether you already use the COREDINATE Guard Control System or rely on an alternative system, the duty roster is universally applicable. Thanks to its open interfaces, it can be easily combined with any WORKFORCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. Have you already invested in a high-quality online guard control system and don't want to switch? That’s not a problem. The COREDINATE duty roster adapts to your needs.
The graphical presentation of the duty roster enables quick and intuitive handling. This not only saves time but also reduces the risk of errors. Another advantage is the integrated job board, which allows guards to apply directly for open shifts.


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