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Do you manage a training facility or are you a lecturer in the field of security? Then "security technology" and "guard control systems" are certainly part of your teaching material. The innovative online guard control system from COREDINATE is increasingly replacing old data collectors and should therefore not be missing from your lessons.


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The idea

The security industry still has to contend with a rather mixed image. A good qualification is more important than ever. COREDINATE therefore wants to promote the next generation and contribute a part to a high standard of education. With our program for training institutions, we support teachers in their daily work.

Our contribution

As an official training institution, we support you as follows:

  • You will receive our demo boards for teaching. This is a plastic board in DIN A4 format, on which three checkpoints and an access card are attached. This allows you to perfectly simulate a tour of the guard.

  • We'll set you up with free access to our portal and as many app licenses as you want. Install the licenses on demo phones that you can use in class.

  • Special discount on demo phones: Basically, any Android phone with NFC function can be used in class. If you are interested in our special phones, you will receive a 10% special discount.

  • You will receive from us a PowerPoint presentation on the subject of "Guard control systems" in a neutral design. Conveniently integrate our slides into your slide collection.

  • We make your team fit: After our free and compact training courses, your employees will be able to teach the topic "online guard control systems" in class.

Please note that this offer is only valid for training purposes within the teaching of appropriate institutions. Operational use of the licenses is not permitted.

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What is the procedure?

  • Enroll in our training facility program using the form below.
  • You will then receive the above package from us and can start working with it immediately.
  • At the same time, we will propose a date for a free training session for a quick introduction to the system.

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