Use the navigation to the site – portal

New to the company or not familiar with the location? Use the COREDINATE app to navigate to the job site.

It can happen that a new employee is not quite as familiar with the area and therefore needs a navigation device to get to the site. With COREDINATE OWKS® we offer you exactly this possibility, without the employee having to carry an additional device around with him and he no longer has to know the address off the top of his head. COREDINATE takes care of this for you (and of course for your employee) with just a few simple entries. First you have to create a customer and then an area. You can find out how to do this in the articles

Create the first client and Create first area



Once you have created the area, you will see the following view:


Please enter the city, street, house number and zip code in the fields provided. Once you have made all the entries, please click on Save. Your employee will now see an icon in the COREDINATE app on their mobile device, which they can use for navigation by tapping on it.

You can find out how and where this works in the COREDINATE app here