Send the watch book automatically

The watch book can be sent automatically as a report.

If necessary, you can export your watch book. The watch book in this case is a normal report. We explain here how this works in addition to the automatic reports.


As you already know from the  automatischen Berichten  you have the option to have the entire watch book sent automatically.

Please note that the maximum size in a report is 500 entries!
If you have larger reports, you must adjust them with the filter functions so that the limit of 500 entries is not exceeded!

Please click on Evaluations in the main menu on the left and Reports below.


You will see a list of reports you have already created (it may also be empty).


Now click in the upper right corner on   , whereupon you will see a popup window where you have to enter the name of the report, the basis of the report (here: watchbook) and the assignments.




It is best to make sure that you create the guard books for one customer or one object in detail, otherwise the guard book could contain data that is none of another customer's business and that it does not become confusing.


Now please click Create after your entries. In the following window you specify the period for which this report should be recorded. In our example it is daily, so 24 hours.




After clicking on Save you must now select which information of the watch book should be included in the report. You select this type individually by clicking on it.Alle blau hinterlegten Eintragungen werden im Bericht erfasst.

Important: If you do not click anything, all entries are always displayed in the report without restrictions!


Please click on the Shipping Settings (0) to the right of Report Preview.


Please click on the + in the middle and you will get the following display:


Please click Configure rhythm and you can make your scheduling in this dialog box:


The default is always Daily, as this is the most commonly used setting.
The individual fields contain the explanations of which time setting you can use and when. For more information about scheduling or time scheduling please click  


In our example we use the daily sending of the report. Please click on the field at the bottom right where it says  Next and the window will appear where you can set the recurrence rule:



If you click the arrow symbols above and below the time, you can correct it according to your wishes. However, it is more convenient if you double-click on the time (it will then be highlighted, see above in the picture) and then type it in directly using the keyboard.
Once you have set your time, click Next at the bottom right, now you will see when the report will be sent:



Last but not least, you only need to enter the senders and recipients and their email addresses:




Once you have made all the necessary entries, click Save, the settings are finished and you and/or your customers will receive your emails automatically as soon as data has been collected.