Create operations

With our ticket system you can track how far a processing or current status of an important process is completed.

Only after you have booked the feature with us or requested a test period, you can assign the rights processes and operations! Open the editing of the rights by clicking on the small pencil and assign processes and/or tasks - see or manage.

                                  (Simplified representation! Rights are in alphabetical order!)


How to create processes, we explain here in this post. First, please log in to the portal with the required rights (see the paragraph above).

Create an operation

Please click on Master data in the main menu on the left, below it on Operations



and then right click on the button Neuer_Vorgang_button.




Now you have to give the process a name or select an already created process to create a process. How to create a process is described in this article.


If you use a process as a template for a task, the name and description are automatically entered as you created it in the process. Also the assignment of the customers/areas are automatically taken over, as well as the created tasks. However, this can be changed again immediately during creation if required.


If you create an operation without a process, you must give the operation a name.
A description is optional, but could be useful.



If you have made all entries, please click  Speichern_button (1) on the right and you will see an overview of the basic entries.




Now, if necessary, you can assign the operation to a user who will edit or monitor the entire operation by clicking the small pencil icon Bleistift-Symbol and then make the selection of the assignment.




In the next step you need to create the tasks that will be processed one by one.

Create tasks for an operation

To do this, please click on the Tasks tab to the right of Information.




Now you will see the blue button Neue_Aufgabe (1) that you need to click to create a new task. If you check the Create more box, you can seamlessly create one task after another.




If you don't want to create a task anymore, just uncheck it and click on Speichern_button (1), whereupon you will see the last created task. 




It is possible to activate the task that is currently displayed directly from the button Aufgabe_Starten_Button at the top right. The operation is then displayed as in the status on the left Vorgang_Status_In_Bearbeitung. Clicking the button  schliessen_button at the top right closes the window of the last created task and releases the task created before it, which you can now edit or even close.


When you assign a task to a specific employee, he will be informed via e-mail that he is responsible for this task and what needs to be done.


The basic requirement for the notification is that the employee has stored a valid e-mail address in his profile! If you have assigned different tasks to several employees, all of them will be informed about the respective task.


Once all tasks are closed, you will see the overview of the tasks.




Column Description


Here, individual or multiple operations can be selected and deleted at once


This column displays the sequential number of each operation, which is automatically generated for each new operation  Sortier-Icon = Ascending/Descending Sort


The name of the operation = ascending/descending sorting


Which employee is assigned to the operation


How many tasks are created in the operation and how many of them are completed. Aufgabe_angelegt_erledigt = One task out of 8 completed


  Start_Button = Start operation (without tasks),  
  loesch_button_mini = Delete operation completely


When you click on the name of a task, you have the option to start, pause or mark as done individual tasks associated with the task. If a task is marked as Completed but needs to be run again due to some circumstance (e.g. the repaired mobile device still does not work after repair), you can also restart a completed task as long as the task is not yet completely finished.



By means of the colored markings you can also immediately see which task has which status. The Action column in the tasks of an operation have the following meaning:

mceclip2    Start task or restart taskn
mceclip0    Pause task
mceclip1    Task completed or finished
mceclip3    Delete task




If a process is completed, it is displayed under Master data –> Processes in the list on the right-hand side:

To finally complete the process, please click the green tick on the right under Action. Now you still have to confirm the action.



Immediately the completed task will be displayed at Work results –> Tasks (click on the left in the main menu) and removed from Master data –> Tasks.

You can export single or multiple processes as a PDF file and/or resume processes again, i.e. restart them. We describe how this works here.


Tasks and tasks assigned to the task that were created by you or assigned to you can also be seen on the left in the main menu under My operations. 


Here these operations can be edited in the same way as under Operations in the master data. When you open an operation, you have the possibility to jump from one to the next - or to the previous operation by clicking these buttons  mceclip4 Jumps to previous operation mceclip5 Jumps to next operation.

Create comments for operations

Please click on the Comments tab to the right of Tasks.


If needed, you or authorized employees can leave comments on the operations. If a comment is written, please click on the icon with the Paper airplanes Kommis_absenden_symbol, to save the comment. Multiple comments can be stored.

Linking events

Please click on the Links tab to the right of Comments.


Here you can link events that have been recorded for a customer/area, if required. This can be practical, for example, if you or your employee have documented damage in an event where you initiate and handle the repair process. Please click on Ereignisse_verknuepfen_button and a list with all captured events will open. However, in this list you will not see any images captured for the events.



It is possible to select multiple events:



If all events have been selected, please click at the bottom left on speichern_button.

Below you can now see your linked events.


Attach files to tasks

Please click on the Attachments tab to the right of Links.



Here you can attach documents such as images or PDF files. This may be necessary, for example, to assign invoices or damage images, etc. to the process, so that you have them immediately at hand when needed.

To do this, simply click on Datei_auswahl_button, whereupon an Explorer window opens. Alternatively, the classic drag & drop works, where you can simply drag the desired file into the field.




Once you have attached all the required files, you will see them in the following list.


These files can then be accessed by any authorized employee if required, e.g. for better traceability.

Changes to operations

Please click on the Changes tab to the right of Attachments. You can track all the changes that have been made to an operation.


PlatzhalterAenderungen_mit Aenderung


Click on Show difference and you will see highlighted in green what has been changed by whom, if something has been changed subsequently.