Use messages

With the message function of COREDINATE it is very easy to pass on important information to your employees.

Write text messages with attachments if required and (if desired) with read confirmation, these are then forwarded to your team in real time via app or portal. The main advantage of our messages is that you don't need to install any extra software and you can easily check the activities in real time on your computer, even without a mobile device.

Granting of rights for communications

If you or an employee is to see the messages (on the portal or on the mobile device), you must assign the necessary rights to the relevant employees once. You can read how this works here.


If you want to give an employee the right for the messages for the portal, select whether he/she may only view the messages or also manage them.


For employees who only use the app, you only have the choice between Do not see and See. Set your rights as desired and click on Save, so the messages are immediately available for the selected employees.

Create message

If you want to create a new message, you must click on the word Memos in the main menu on the left side of the portal.



You can see the following view on the central part of the screen.


Please click on Create memo and a pop-up window will appear to guide you through the creation process.


Here you first enter the title of your message (e.g. "New informations"). You can assign tags, i.e. keywords, but you do not have to. In the Content field you write your message intended for your employees.


When you have made your entries, click on Next. Now select where you want the message to be displayed in the mobile device. To All sends the message to each logged in employee who has the Message rights. With Receiver you can see who can receive the message.



This can change if you activate the message only for a specific customer or even only for a specific area. If you want to make a message available exclusively for a specific customer or area, so that this message can only be seen by the person who works in this area or with this customer, please tick the box in front of the respective customer or area. Thus, the communication can only be seen by the staff working in these areas.

If an employee is assigned to a certain area or a certain customer (e.g. employee A is assigned to customer A or area A), he cannot see messages sent to customer B or area B!


But you also have the option of sending the message to a specific employee. Then only the selected employee can receive this message.


Others at the bottom of the window allow you to specify whether a read receipt is required or not, or whether you want to allow comments on your message.

Planned publication

If you click on Select a period, you will be shown a calendar screen where you can specify from when and at what time the message should be sent to the mobile devices.


In the second date field you can also specify the end date by which the message should be visible. If the end date is reached, the message disappears again on the mobile device, but can still be viewed and changed in the portal.

In the next step you can choose whether you want to attach a file to your message. These can be documents (e.g. PDF) or images/photos etc. To do this, simply drag your desired file onto the grey field Drag files here or click on Select files and an Explorer window will open where you can search for and select the desired file.


Executable files like EXE or MSI are not allowed.

If you have attached your file or do not need one, simply click on Next and you will see an overview of your messages with all entries


If you do not want to make the message visible yet, but you are already creating it, click on Save as draft. The message will now be saved but not published. If you click Publish, the file will be transferred to the mobile devices at the date and time you entered. If you have not entered any times, the message is sent immediately to the mobile devices.

Change messages

It is possible to subsequently adapt messages to the current circumstances – i.e. to change them. Please select the appropriate message and then click on the small pencil with Edit memo (as shown in the following picture). The following popup appears, which you already know and in which you can enter your required changes.


Now change the memo according to your wishes.


Click on Next again and proceed in the same way as before when creating a message.
If you have made all entries, you will see the following warning message in the post-change summary once the message has been read by someone:


If you now click on Publish, it will look like a new message on the mobile device, which must also be confirmed again.


Please note: Every file that you attach in your messages is also stored in the file manager at the same time! You can learn how to use the file manager in the chapter "How do I use the file manager in the portal?