Output forms

Form outputs

If you only want to collect data mobile via our forms, you have already set up everything that is required. If you would like to additionally print out the entries and archive them, for example, the COREDINATE form output function will help you. The big advantage: The basis for form output is your usual paper forms. So whether your employee fills out the form on a smartphone or a tablet, the printed form looks just like you're used to - just not filled out by hand, but neatly typed.

How to create a new form, you will learn here.


Completed, the form output would then be output with all the fields created:



Please note that the pre-filled fields are not visible in the preview during task completion! These fields are only visible when exporting.

To fill out the form on the mobile device, you must first create it as a task. How to do this, you will learn  here. Once the form has been completed, click Work Results in the portal on the left side of the main menu and then click Task Completion.

Mit Klick in die Zeile, welche die Aufgabe enthält, bekommen Sie folgende Anzeige:


Please select the desired form in the form preview to export (see image above). Now please click Export on the right  and then select where to save the pdf or view it directly.

Whether you are offered whether the form should be saved or only displayed depends on the configuration of your computer.

If the generated PDF file is downloaded directly, you can jump to the download list with the key combination STRG and J (press simultaneously) in most browsers.

The file should be located at export_xxxx-xx_xx-xx.pdf.

ATTENTION: The numbers behind are always different. The x are only placeholders for date and time!

z.B. export_2020-03-31_09_25.pdf